Saturday, 29 July 2017

Importance of Digital Marketing in Today’s World

Digital marketing is an umbrella term for the marketing of products or services using Digital Technologies on any internet, mobiles, e-mails, advertisements etc. In this century with the advancement of technology the importance of digital marketing is increasing daily. Though the offline marketing is effective but not as effective as Digital Marketing. There is a wide scope in Digital Marketing

Scope of Digital Marketing
In a country like India which is in the development phase there are very less amount of Digital Marketers available and in the worldwide corporate world the importance of Digital Marketing is very much, if you have interest in technologies and marketing you must opt for Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing
Now I am going to explain few known techniques of digital marketing

SEO is a technique in which the search engines optimizes the search queries and keywords and which site should be above all of the search queries is decided by search engine to decide that they Search engines form algorithms to optimize the best search and to fit in those algorithms digital marketing technique SEO Is used.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing is a technique in which marketing of product and services is done on social media according to the interest of various groups of people on social media advertisements are targeted towards them this is the best source of marketing if the marketers know which kind of audience is to be targeted.

Content Writing
The key of success of approximately all Digital marketing techniques digital markets basically starts from blogs articles and various other formats in which content is the key if content is good than audience is attracted and vice-a-versa. A good content is the prime requirement in Digital Marketing Field.

Pay Per Click (PPC)
It is the part of paid advertisements in the digital market it is the business model in which the individual/business advertising have to pay amount to the host website for advertising its product and services. This technique can be used by old business as well as new business but the businesses have to be very careful before adopting this technique because it can be have the worst part that you are paying a huge sum for advertisement and even not generating clients.
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Thursday, 27 July 2017

How Important are Mobile Applications these Days

With over billions of Smartphones in the circulation, and with over a few thousands of applications on them, do the math and calculate the usage of these applications. In the smart world that we live in, applications have become very important. There are applications for everything, right for shopping online, to books, to online health recorder. We have heavily progressed today from the boring and mundane lifestyles to smart and technologically advanced life.

We owe their development to the IT technicians who thought of making the work easier for consumers in general. Want groceries today? You just have to make a few taps on your smartphone and you are through. Now, tell me why one would want to stand in those hourly long lines for billing?!! This is exactly how far we have come with the development of applications.

Application Development
Though the Application Development is a very technical process, it requires heft knowledge about the platforms like Android, IOS and Windows but nevertheless the rewards it seeks are stupendous.

It is also an easy investment for both the developers, as well as the customer bases. The latter however may benefit the most, with the number of options he has for a single kind of application. But one must not forget that the developer should consider the competition in his fields of development.

The developer must create the best and the easy to use kinds of application, for the customers are seeking the application so as to save their time not dilate their time of processing. An easy user interface is more preferred by customers than a fancier application.

So, the key is keeping it unique and simple.

Mobile Application however may seem a boon to budding businesses. Take the example of Flipkart, it was just started with a mere fund of 7 lakhs rupees, perhaps now the numbers have too many zeros behind them, so if you have a business, not very well known to people around, here is the solution we provide, we will help you develop an application tailor-made just so it fits the need of yours as well as the general mass.

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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Never Underestimate The Influence Of Pay Per Click (PPC) For your Business

Pay Per Click (PPC) :-
Pay per Click or we can say CPC click per click is a model created to advertise on internet. It is a very successful model by search engines to optimize the advertisement on the internet. In simple terms the host website charges from individual/business for advertising on their website. The charges are based upon click by users.

How Pay Per Click (PPC) works?
Any individual or business who wishes to advertise themselves on the internet to get renowned around the world than they can choose the path of pay per click they would advertise their product and services in a renowned website and if the user clicks on the advertisement than the user will be redirected toward individuals website and on the basis user clicking on the advertisement cost is to be paid.

Precautions to be taken at the time of posting advertise on PPC Companies 
  1. The quality of the advertisement should be appropriate it should be posted according to the product shown.
  2. PPC is very costly campaign so before posting any kind of advertisements take care of few things that are as follows.
    • Avoid irrelevant keywords as it is very costly.
    • If the quality if advertisements as well as product will be good than the host will probably charge less.
    • Don’t attract the user via false keywords it will cost you at the end only the user might report your advertisement or website so strictly don’t use false keywords just too attract inorganic traffic.
  3. Get a Professional if you are new to it. It’s not free of charge.

The influence of PPC in businesses:-
Its natural if you are posting your advertisement on PPC model than you have a website and a website is the background reputation of a business. If you are posting a wrong advertisements (i.e. :- irrelevant/inorganic traffic by posting through bad means) via PPC just to attract the traffic it will cost a lot more and if the user doesn’t get what he saw in advertisement the invidual might report the website. Posting a quality PPC is must for that you must get attached to professionals which have knowledge about various means of properly advertising the advertisement which can generate organic traffic.

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Monday, 24 July 2017

Content Writing is more than Advertisement – it’s an Investment

There is a common saying “Content is King” often used and said and is been doing around for years now.  Its only so because  IT ACTUALLY IS. It’s a simple logic if something goes along for years, it has to be of great potential. Parle-g is still brought today and so was it 50 years ago. Same goes the case for content.

Content marketing these days seems like the most easiest job to do, write a few blogs here and there, add some bold posts to your sites and its done! But, probably it’s not just it. When you write you need a good word bank, a strong key word , a bold and strong research plan, a pro game at Grammar  and oodles of creativity.

Content so to say, is essential everywhere, content is what takes you ahead. Content also has a marked influence on the marketing.  A good piece of write up would always have more reader and hence more follows to your blog or site.

Content Development - Traj Infotech
Content may be fuel in scenarios like
  • Social media campaigns
  • Smart introductory
  • Emails and Sms
  • Web-content - to burst into top rankings of search engines
  • Blog contents- for increasing brand awareness

Content Writing  is more than Advertising – It’s an Investment. You build on a lot of things with content writing. The most important thing that you develop is loyal customer bases. With constant blogging and update with stories, people wait for blogs to be uploaded. Also delivering quality content makes you a “Brand Authority” and customers look up with faith and are left demanding for more!!

Content Marketing is a value to be harnessed, no matter what business you are in you need to be unique to be competitive enough. A good tagline will take you more father than a humongous marketing scheme will. 
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Saturday, 15 July 2017

Top 3 Tricks You Must Know When Using IT Service

This will smooth the progress of your business to grow and expand. The expansion and development of your business can significantly rely upon IT services, that it's necessary to rent the best IT services. There are few points which can assist you to settle on the most effective appropriate IT services in Ahmedabad. Allow us to have a look:

IT Service
1. Service & Availability

When you looking to hire IT services, the primary issue you expect is sweet support and fix. IT Service supplier team ought to be obtainable virtually whenever to assist your company and type out all of your queries and doubts.

Hence, the primary issue that comes whereas selecting IT services is that the service and support they provide. So, make certain that your IT service supplier is accessible for you and provides you very best solutions within the minimum time.

This is one in every of the foremost details to think about whereas implementing on hiring IT services.

2. Security & Management

The other necessary issue is engaging security services and management. It’s very necessary that your knowledge ought to be properly organized and managed and may be unbroken safe from unauthorized access and viruses.

If your records and information isn't safe then it will bring serious harms to your company. Hence, do make certain that your IT Service Supplier is giving well-refined security and management services.

3. Money

Money is additionally a serious side. So, decide your budget before investment in IT Services and take a look at to take care of that budget. Also, make certain that you simply are paying for less than those services that you'll be mistreatment. Check these parameters showing wisdom and make certain that your IT service supplier isn't cheating on you.

Choosing the most effective appropriate IT services is one in every of the foremost necessary tasks related to the event of a corporation. Hence, we are Traj InfoTech Pvt Ltd IT services to follow the top of points whereas choosing and filtering and get the most effective services for your business so your business will bit higher heights. All the best!!!

Thursday, 13 July 2017

A Trump Card to increased brand visibility and brand awareness – Social Media Marketing

We are more technologically advanced than we were ever before! Saying that an average individual spends over 2 hours on social media daily which is nothing short of an understatement!!! 

These days millions of people swarm over social media websites uploading more and more personal and business information online. The demands of customers have changed drastically from superficial knowledge to wanting to know more about the dealer. This has rendered traditional advertising propaganda worthless. Leaving the pioneer advertising equipment like newspaper, yellow page, TV commercials and radio no longer valuable.

Social Media Marketing
Social media is pivotal milestone in world of marketing. Social media today has evolved from traditional marketing in way that the process of promoting has become more beneficiary. These days every smart business personnel opt for social media for promotion. The reason being that it helps create the buzz and hype that you hoped your business would create, almost effortlessly.

Social Media Marketing is an effective and dynamic in a multiple ways which may encompass, 
·         Cost effectiveness.
·         Building stronger consumer relationships.
·         Targets larger mass of consumers.
·         Boost sales.
·         Popularize your expertise.
"a good marketing technique always add value to your wallet."

Social Media Marketing Services is more a boon to small business firms who don’t have loyal customer bases. It’s a qualified, cost effective technique which can give your business front a boost that you wished a miracle could have led to. Social Media profiles your business, making your business facilities available, which otherwise would not have been to unknown customer bases. This will draw in more incoming traffic than that existed, from the new customer front that was exposed during the promotion than your usual customer.

When brands share content, like videos, statuses, tweets, epitomizes it. The same goes for any business firm trying to have a grip for itself. With over  110 crores of people using smart phones in India (as of 2017)  then, what are you waiting for when the gold is ready to be mined with just a click away?!!

For details, contact Traj Infotech, we are there to help!!

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Five IT Services Tips You Need To Learn Now

IT(Information Technology) Services is an industry which will help your business to expand into IT Sector and let your business have a good growth in the particular fields in which your business is working.

Why IT Sector is important for the businesses?
IT Sector is important for all business because it will let your brand image of business grow not only in local but also on worldwide platforms. This is the prime requirement of today’s generation that people all around the world would recognize your brand name.

IT Services
Few IT Services Tips:

1) Easy Transfer: 
Whether it is a data or a product IT Services work as 24/7 department for the organization which will help your company to transfer your data as well as product or services from one place to another speedily and within the given point of time.

2) Secure Database:
IT Services create a secure database for your server that is for client and server based services so that all the important information of your clients e.g.: -Credit card details, Debit card details, Personal Information etc. is protected and even the information about the organization is secured by IT Services.

3) Brand Image:
IT Services will let your brand image grow as all your product and services will be available online and with IT support your organization will help constantly improve the product services online and offline which will help in growing the business development as well as will enhance the reputation and goodwill of the company.

4) Large Customer Base:
IT Department will help you create a large customer base to the organization because Services in IT will expand your business accessibility worldwide and it will be not limited by geographical boundaries.

5) Easy Communication:
Will develop a communication interface which will help your organization to communicate internally as externally without any issues this will help in generating information in the organization faster and easier.

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Content Marketing is useful in building trust with your target audience.

Creating a story about your brand and trying to connect with your target audience, cannot be considered as the only content marketing goal...