Saturday, 31 March 2018

Ways to ensure your Customers are surprised and delighted

Who doesn’t like surprises? Giving someone a surprise is a wonderful option, because people love surprises.  Let’s look at some really good options to surprise the audience.

Through this way, a brand can easily reach out to the audience, showing them they care and always listen to them. It is important to connect with the right audience, if your product is for young professionals, try a search, for the hashtag, young professionals or search on twitter with the correct keyword; you’ll be able to find young professionals struggles, laughable blunders or some great moments. You can help the young professional by offering your product to them, the young professionals will appreciate the product and share it with others, and this will help in creating an awareness of your brand or promoting your brand.

Brand Awareness -Traj Infotech

The best surprise is not to have rules and pick whatever you need or want. If you’re company is into cosmetics, you can ask a few fans or users questions about cosmetic products and then surprise them with something good.

Thank you
All your fans are like your lawyers, you need to appreciate all your fans, by sending a small thank you note. Audience who love your product will speak highly of your product and will continue to spread the word around. Reach out to such people, find them and send them a thank you note.

You need to respond to your customers inquiries within a few minutes, responding within 5 minutes will help, in reaching the potential customer and in selling your product; this is what your business needs. Customers prefer everything quickly, so your response should be fast. Customers will be surprised to see how attentive your business is, because this is the kind of attention, customers are looking for. Quick response will make sure your business is set apart from the competition.

Customer service is very important, you should use email marketing to check with your customers and also see if the customer is fine with your product. Sending a personal email to the customer is really useful for your business. You can also send email for occasions, like, birthdays, holiday or festivals.

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Monday, 26 March 2018

Things you need when you start on Twitter

If the anxiety or fear about getting started on Twitter is worrying you, here are things that you should implement or do to start on Twitter.

Step one is to create an account on Twitter. The important aspect is, to choose the correct username, you should be able to remember the name and the users should be able to, identify your company or business.

Creating a bio that will capture your brand or business
Twitter is well known among social media network. Before creating a bio, you need to make sure that more and more people are able to find your business on Twitter, especially, people who are not aware or do not have any knowledge about your business or brand. A bio is required to grab the attention of a stranger or the audience, to be able to do so; you need to create a perfect bio that will capture your brand or business.

Social Media Marketing - Traj Infotech

Do not forget to put up the right image or picture for your profile, because users or customers will associate your business with your profile image, such as, logo of a company.

Need to plan the first tweet, it should be perfectly timed and your audience should know that you’re a real business

The people or business or industry or professional, etc. you follow will show, your access to content and the quality of relationships that you have established. The main key is to follow similar business.

To get followers on Twitter is not really easy, if you are planning to start from the scratch, you can invite people from your contact list to, follow your business on Twitter.

To achieve success on Twitter, you need appropriate tools, like, Hootsuite, mobile app, etc.

A great feature is the twitter list, to make sure, users are able to organize people into particular groups, on the basis of expertise, industry, etc.

Saving search is useful for future reference. 

Connecting the company website along with Twitter, can help in an increase in traffic and can build a social media following.

Saturday, 24 March 2018

Ways to build a perfect mobile application - Traj Infotech

Looking at the popularity of smart phones, every company needs to create a mobile application, to be able to market their brand, product or services. 

Besides picture, even the text used in the mobile application should be appropriate.

Let’s see ways to build a perfect mobile application

First important thing 
The first important thing text is not just for the Mobile Application, but also for the marketing world. The text used should be simple. Today, the most popular language used in international market is English, because it is considered an international language, but not everyone can speak English very fluently. So, you should make sure, the text is well written, everything is correct and it should be easily understood by all users, from different parts of the world. The text should be short and not lengthy and the sentences should be precise or short and snappy, make sure the message of your content is simple

Mobile Application Development _Traj_Infotech

Words used
Each and every mobile application is, competing with each other for a foothold in the market. Before making the PSO and ASO strategy, you need to do a thorough research on keywords, and search for or find words that are suitable for your mobile application. Finding keywords is not enough; the actual challenge is using the keywords correctly in the text, such as, the title, description, etc. Eventually, the text should be clear, simple, natural and well written.

The designers and copywriters of your company should work together in such a way that they are able to achieve the best results. Every brand needs right visual and text, the elements, text and image complement each other. The text can either come first or can be along with the image. Work with the designers of your company to market your brand.

What you should avoid in your mobile application?

• Do not overuse the keywords, the keywords should not be used several times in the text, the            keywords should be used naturally for smooth reading.

•  Both keywords and phrases should be used.

•  Never try to overreach, your application should aim for the right audience.

•  Your application should be suitable for the application store.

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Thursday, 22 March 2018

Some better ways that can enhance your search engine optimization.

For any business, achieving success depends on the rankings on search engines. Not everyone can handle search engine optimization, because it is not easy keeping up with the various changes. It takes effort and time to enhance your search engine optimization.

Just trying to find the right keywords, is not enough for your business, think strategically about the keywords that are important for the Search Engine Optimization campaign and work on the tips to enhance your SEO. The phrases and keywords should be related to your brand or company. Take your time and do a thorough research on the phrases and keywords that is needed for search engine optimization. Create a good quality content, with the right keywords, to increase the ranking on search engine.

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It is crucial to be original; duplicating the content can affect the ranking of your website. Before the content goes live or is published, ensure it is original.

On page
All the elements on your page should be optimized for the search engine optimization to function successfully.
The images should have tags; you can add Meta description and title tag to the content. The other elements that can be optimized are the outgoing links, H1, H2 and H3 tags, links to other pages and bullet points.

Social media
Social media is widely utilized for communication between the customer and the company. It is important for your company to have a social media presence, to be able to reach out to a wide audience. Sharing your content on Social Media Marketing is good for your brand.

Time taken to load
The worst experience for any visitor is a really slow website; a website is expected to load within a few seconds. You can use speed test tools to check the loading time.

For better rankings, links from premium or high class websites plays a vital role. To be able to earn high class links, you should create original and good quality content that will keep the audience engaged.

Your content should keep the audience engaged, if a keyword or phrase is not right, you can add a phrase or keyword that flows naturally.

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Monday, 19 March 2018

Video Marketing should be part of your marketing strategy.

Now days, people prefer watching videos, compare to reading content. Let’s see some tips for video marketing.
These days, most people have a short attention span. So, you need to come up with something interesting, if you want your audience to see the full video, then, the content should be relevant and informative, or else the audience will move on to the next video or some other video. Your video should come out with a bang and attract the attention of the audience, within first few seconds. Should use appealing images or visuals and also make your viewpoint known to others, within a short period of time.

Easy to view the content
Making videos that are easy to access by all, so that people are able to view your videos from many other devices, the videos should be playable on tablets or laptops or other devices or smart phones. At the end of your video you can add or share links

Using videos as a guide for purchasing 
Videos can be used to help potential customers in making a decision of purchasing. Videos can explain all the steps of a purchasing process. You can use videos in the About Us page, also a good way to show the company environment or culture. Creating videos demonstrating the whole purchasing process, is a fun and intimate experience, this can be shared even with friends.

Original or genuine 
The videos should be genuine and should not build any suspicion and be able to understand the brand or product or service. Passion plays an important role when it comes to selling, your products or services.

Creativity and good quality content 
Tips are very important, because with a poor video you can hurt your brand. Poorly created videos can have an impact on your brand. Need to work towards the creativity, of your video marketing. You can begin with publishing even simple videos, with good quality. Video marketing is not tough it is a simple way that builds a lasting connection with your audience. An original, creative, impactful and appealing video can increase the rate of conversion.

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Saturday, 17 March 2018

Social Media Marketing has numerous benefits.

Social Media Marketing is an essential element, required for the success of digital marketing. Most people should understand the potential of social media marketing, for the growth of their business.

Social media marketing is, a cost effective method of digital marketing. A social media strategy can increase brand awareness and can keep the audience engaged. It also helps in building brand reputation. Social media will help you connect with new audience, who can become potential customers. 

Social Media Marketing - Traj Infotech

Without social media marketing, it is difficult to reach out to customers, who are not part of your loyal customer list or circle. Your web traffic will be limited to, the same old customers. You need to have a good Social Media Marketing strategy, to be able to reach out to anyone, apart from the loyal customer list. 

Social media can get you or your brand some website traffic, to see success, search engine optimization is vital in obtaining web traffic and in achieving higher rankings on search engines.

Rise in visibility, means more conversions. Every image, comment, video or blog post will lead to more viewers, means more traffic. More people like, talk or share your brand, this will boost the conversion rate.

Customer Service or satisfaction
Social media a communicating and networking platform, customers appreciate that whenever they post a comment, they will definitely receive or get a personalized reply or response. Acknowledging the comment means, you’re paying attention to your customers needs and aim to provide customer satisfaction.

You should work on both, brand loyalty and customer satisfaction, because brand loyalty and customer satisfaction, go hand in hand. It is crucial to keep customers engaged and develop a bond with your customers.

Brand loyalty and customer satisfaction, plays an important role in ensuring the business is authoritative. 

Low cost
Social media marketing is cost effective. Low cost will lead to good return on investment

One of the valuable benefits of social media is a marketplace insight.

Posting a well written and insightful  A Website content on social media is an ideal method or way to make you a leader or expert. 


Wednesday, 14 March 2018

The Benefits of Outsourcing Digital Marketing - Traj InfoTech

Companies prefer outsourcing digital marketing, because it is becoming more and more popular and can enhance your business or brand.

To build an internal team, to handle Digital Marketing, is not practical for small and medium sized companies. In certain situations, skills required or needed by the company either, can be difficult to hire or too costly, in short, not financially feasible. It is tough to hire a candidate full time or part time, when you do not need or require their skills, consistently and constantly. 

Digital Marketing - Traj Infotech

Outsourcing or hiring a digital marketing agency, can help you get the expertise and skill set needed by your company, whenever required, this is a great way to control your budget, it is better to outsource rather than, employ a permanent candidate. Outsourcing lets you select, from the vast digital marketing professionals available; you can negotiate the charges or rates and also enjoy control of your finance.

Mostly companies have a limited internal team; in this case, it is better to utilize the efforts of your internal team, on the operations of the core business. To get new and unique ideas, outsourcing is the right thing to do. No matter how well you know your business, the market place and your customers, it is always good to take a second opinion.

Internal team will always have certain time limitations; every company has a deadline, meeting the deadline on time is not possible always, unless you have plans of outsourcing some jobs or tasks. A Digital Marketing Agency will help you meet, all the digital marketing deadlines.

Let your business grow
The internal team can focus on your core business, to handle digital marketing; you can outsource it to a digital marketing agency, which have a professional team, who have the knowledge and expertise to strategically manage all your digital marketing needs or requirements, ensuring success and growth for your company or business.

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Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Need to keep up with the new SEO Trends -Traj Infotech

The Search Engine Optimization keeps changing; methods that work well for search engine optimization can become irrelevant within a couple of months.  The dominating practices of a search engine optimization cannot dominate for long because of the multiple changes that happens within a few months. 

There are a lot of upcoming new trends for Search Engine Optimization, it is difficult to adjust and accommodate the different changes, it’s really challenging for the SEO team. If you want to achieve success, you can lookout for some trends.

New SEO Trends - Traj Infotech

Need to increase the search engine result page

The main goal of an SEO team is to achieve and also maintain a huge volume of web traffic; this would result in reaching the top position on the search engine result page. It is important to reach this position, and also try and maintain it, as long as you can. According to the new developments, just achieving the number one rank is not sufficient to drive traffic towards your website. You may have to consider some offsite elements. You can also use tools to track the website ranking and to understand keywords that can hold potential traffic.

Snippet needs structuring
It is seen that search results that are formatted properly wih  rich snippets will get more clicks, which will also increase the sales. For those who are not sure, about a properly structured rich snippet, need to check, which will show a step by step structured guide.

Page speed
These days people want very thing fast. If  A website takes more than 5 seconds to load, the person will move to another website. Slow web pages will lead to less web traffic.

It is vital that your content should be comprehensive and relevant throughout the year, Google can determine if you’re content flows well and is comprehensive.

Many people prefer speaking rather than typing, because it is much more faster and the queries can be answered more in detail.

Mobile phones have been dominating because people use their mobile phone for web browsing. Companies should have a mobile friendly website, because mobile friendly websites is useful for search ranking.

To reach the top of a personalized SERP you need to ensure your data on web traffic is accurate and also test the ranking of your page for an unbiased result.

Friday, 9 March 2018

A few tips that is required for marketing mobile applications.

For companies planning to develop a mobile application, it is not going to be an easy task, making your mobile application stand out among many other Mobile Applications and ensuring more and more people use your mobile application, is a tough task to achieve.

Mobile Application Development - Traj Infotech Pvt Ltd

Let’s look into a few tips that can help your mobile application be successful.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is a must for all products and services. Whenever you go into your Facebook account, you will get to see likes or shares or ads for some applications, something of your interest. Facebook is an ideal platform to target your potential customers, this will help in increasing downloads and will also keep your audience engaged, resulting in more purchase and installation.

It is crucial to spend time and put efforts to enhance your mobile application on Social Media.


Influencer marketing plays a vital role in mobile applications; it is a great way to grab the attention of the audience. Firstly, you need a good influencer, for your mobile application. Influencers will either post a blog or tweet, about your mobile application; they will help in building anticipation, for the release of your application, giving users a good chance to download, immediately after the application goes live.


Before your mobile application is released on a public domain, allow the influencer to try the application. It is good to have a great start, but to continue, you may have to encourage your users, to share your mobile application with others, and you can also add an incentive, such as, offer, discount or access to select content, which is a powerful method.

Application store

Your mobile application can either be an IOS or android or both, you need to ensure that the keywords and the language utilized is right. Your application can be optimized for Google Play store, Amazon store, Application store and more.


Ratings of an application is important, so, you should encourage your users, to rate the application after using it, reminders or pop ups can be used for rating, even application analytic tool can be used, to create a list of engaged customers or users, who for sure will rate your application.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Ways Instagram can change the scenario of your Business.

A lot of people think that compare to Twitter and Facebook, Instagram may not be useful. So, let’s see how amazing Instagram marketing is for the company profile.

For an effective Instagram profile, you need lots of photos.

Instagram is great digital platform to convey your message; you can also add some interesting photos along with the brand message, this will help in making a captivating and striking profile picture, keeping the company theme in mind.

Social Media Marketing - Traj infotech
Tracking Traffic

Google analytics, can help you, to find out the source for all the traffic to your website. But the same tool, cannot tell you the exact traffic that reaches your website through mobile Instagrm application. For this, you can think of setting up Google campaign URL or analytical tools like InstaFollow, Simply Measured, Iconosquare and Crowdfire.


In Instagram, you cannot add any link, but can promote your business or brand through tagging the name with the profile images that are related to it. With the help of tagging, the audience will learn about the brand through other pages and will eventually start following your brand or product, if it seems useful and interesting. Through tagging, you can reach out to a number of people and drive traffic to your business.

Bio Link

Instagram lets or allows posting a link to your bio, with a brief description or write up about your business or company. You need to use the opportunity and include a special landing page, through which you can connect with the audience on Instagram. The landing page should be designed in such a way that can drive traffic towards your site. This will enhance your Instagram marketing.


Users prefer using hashtag along with the topic to emphasize on the message they would like to convey. Use the right keywords for your hashtag.

Videos and photographs

A combination of videos, photographs and a small message is ideal to highlight your brand.  Videos and photos are effective compare to text messages.


Once the audience starts following your product or brand, you need to create an awareness of your brand and ensure it leads to a high rate of conversion.

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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

The Vital Social Metrics is a must for your Business.

To measure the success on social media and to understand and evaluate the efficiency of the brand campaign, the result of your campaign, is not just about, clicks and likes, there is much more to it.


There is no such thing like one size that will fit all. Whenever you post something, either a big Marketing campaign or a reply to a comment, by the customer, such things, can either, spoil the reputation of your brand or build the reputation of your brand. Your target should be, to make sure, everything is absolutely right. Things can vary from platform to platform and brand to brand. Do not think, once it is set, you can forget about it, you need to keep testing and revising throughout the whole year to make sure everything is fresh. 

The vital social metrics is a must for your business - Traj Infotech


Algorithms on Social Media keep changing; it is getting harder day by day to make sure your content is noticed, by the audience. Make sure your blog post or content is able to reach a wider audience. It is vital to keep an eye on your content and then adjust you blog or content accordingly, this is the best way to get more number of people to see your Blog post or content. A good content is useful for advertising your brand.


Video has experienced a swift growth in the last few years. Through simple metric, you can track the impact of the video, , to determine whether the video is successful or not, it is crucial to measure engagement. It can also tell the average time spent, on watching the video and if the attention of the viewers are dropping. You should be able to take action, to ensure, your video is able, to reach the audience or viewers.


The main goal of a good content is to make sure customers keep coming back to The Website and is kept engaged. Here, number of clicks is not important, what matters is post click; the customer should take a decision and buy the product. Social metrics helps in measuring the effectiveness of your content, whether it is able to influence the decision of the customer.

Friday, 2 March 2018

Ways to monitor and track your brand - Traj Infotech

Every company should track their brand, but it is also important to interact with all your customers, never miss such an opportunity. Let us see, the ways you can expand the search.

Ways to monitor and track your brand - Traj Infotech

Monitor symbol
The @ symbol is very crucial. Whenever, a brand is mentioned on Twitter, people tend to forget the @ symbol. As a company, you should monitor both the ways, without @ and with @ symbol.

With features like, auto correct that can guess the wrong word; it leads to mistakes or mistyped words. So, keep an account of the mistakes and add all to a tracking tool.

At times, people tend to mention the domain either without or with the prefix ‘www’, also, need to check the suffix of the domain, such as, .net, .co, .com. and many more.

Prominent members
There are certain employees in an organization, who are visible and great for tracking.

If you’re planning a Marketing campaign, either for a promotion or an offer or a product launch, check anything special mentioned, about the campaign and the hashtag.

Tagline or slogan
We have seen that certain brands are known for their tagline, like, ‘Just do it’ by Nike, In case, you have a tagline, the tagline needs to be added to the brand tracking.

Respond to positive mentions
A company should get alerts for their brand, you should engage with the audience or customers and also thank customers, who give positive feedback and also provide them support.

Negative reply
A company should always monitor or keep a watch on negative words, such as, poor or bad. You should take the opportunity and convert a negative feedback into a positive feedback or experience.

Every company should have some useful templates, answers for you and the team that can be used, whenever you need to respond to feedback about your brand. For example, we are glad you like our brand, thank you for your feedback, we appreciate the support and patience, our sincere apologies for the mistake or inconvenience, Thanks a lot for sharing your experience and many more.

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Content Marketing is useful in building trust with your target audience.

Creating a story about your brand and trying to connect with your target audience, cannot be considered as the only content marketing goal...