Monday, 20 November 2017

The Healthcare Industry wants to transform from Conventional to Digital

With the new and advance technology, there is a growing demand for Digital Marketing in the Healthcare Industry, such as, to train healthcare professionals, track patient’s reports and treatments, access to electronic medical record, online appointment, etc. These days, many patients prefer accessing their mobile phone, to search for information that they want.

Digital Marketing requires a lot of things to be successful in the Healthcare Industry; it would require search engine optimization, content marketing, a responsive website and many more, to be able, to reach out to all the people.With a rise in usage of latest technology, it is important that the Healthcare Industry makes its entry into the digital world.

Let’s look into the Advantages of Healthcare industry converting from conventional to digital.

The use of Smart Phone
Due to, the changes in technology and in the consumer requirement, the healthcare industry has begun to opt for digital marketing. Many healthcare professionals use their smart phone for medical research or updates on different technologies. Most patients prefer to fill the hospital form online rather than writing. Patients prefer using their smart phone, whenever they want to do a search, for information related to health. People around the world, have started using smart phones, to connect with the healthcare industry. 

Usage of Web
Due to, the rise in usage of web and search engine, the healthcare industry want an online presence in this digital world, making it easier and convenient for the patients to find what they want. Changes in consumer demand, has lead to usage of technology. Since, most people are on smart phones, it is better to have mobile friendly websites. Now days, many people are comfortable with Digital Marketing Services, so it is time for healthcare industry, to create digital marketing strategies, to meet the expectations of the people. A lot of patients will opt for digital services, if the healthcare strategy is good. People are open to the different channels of digital marketing. 

Rise in Demand
Rise in demand for mobile healthcare applications will lead to revolutionary and exceptional experience. Mobile apps will provide better solution for your patients. Mobile apps are ideal for providing information, health reports and in improving treatments. To know more about Digital Marketing you can visit our website at Traj Infotech.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Reason Why Online Marketing is the Best Way to Reach out to a Large Number of Visitors

Online marketing leads to brand or business publicity. Mobile phones, Social Marketing, Emails and many more are online channels that help in promoting to the right target audience and in strengthening the business or brand.

These days, the use of digital media and web, has been playing an important role in influencing the educational institutions. Most of the applicants in the education segment are web users. A lot of universities and educational institutions want to make use of mobile phone and web to reach out to more number of applicants. Digital Marketing is best method that can be sanctioned by different educational institutions to reach out to prospective applicants.

Digital Marketing - Traj Infotech

Let’s look at the reasons why Online Marketing is the best way to reach out to a large number of applicants today. 
  • Most of the prospective applicants are using web for searching different education and training courses.
  • Applicants prefer spending most of their time on web rather than in front of other media.
  • Displaying advertisements on web is more effective and creates brand awareness among audience. It is much better compare to the old method of advertising.
  • These days, parents and applicants judge educational institutes such as schools, colleges, etc. on the basis of their website and web presence.
  • Most outstation students or applicants depend on websites for enrollment or admission.
  • With the help of user friendly websites, parents prefer applying for admissions online.
  • Times are changing; people need responsive apps and websites at the tip of their fingers. To solve your problems, you need a properly marketed website. 

Advantages of Digital Marketing Services are:
  • It is more reasonable compared to the old method of marketing. A good web marketing strategy will lead to less cost and more conversions; it can also reach wider audience and help in enhanced communication.
  • We can measure the outcome of your campaign. With the help of results, you can implement an improved strategy to reach your goals.
  • Online marketing is a platform for immediate feedback as messages or queries. Messages can be read immediately and a reply can be sent instantly. 
  • A lot of applicants have a Facebook account, using social network, can create brand awareness and help in brand advertising. 

Digital Marketing not just helps in competing, but also in numerous other ways, like digital marketing channels is affordable and can reach a wider audience, it is the fastest way to communicate or send messages to promote your business, can easily track the results and performance of different digital marketing campaigns, results in more conversions and in building a trustworthy brand image.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

The Significance of Digital Marketing in Retail Industry

Technology advancement has changed a lot of industries especially the retail industry. Now a day’s retail business needs a good Digital Marketing strategy or they will have to close down. Let’s look at the importance of digital marketing in a retail industry.

It is unimaginable to see that a lot more websites have started offering eCommerce facilities. Most websites need to upload enough products, should be easy to navigate, easy and simple to search a product or add it to your shopping basket and pay and check out, and ensure that it is also mobile friendly. Websites are also used to attract customers to their store with offers like return to store and collect in store, also takes on the progress of online sales.

Digital Marketing - Traj Infotech

Companies should make sure that their websites are mobile friendly. Hence, a company needs to invest in the development of mobile website and Mobile Application and should be able to top the poll of online retailers, with mobile friendly app. Most companies found that creating a digital app is equally difficult as a loyalty card. Instead, of a loyalty card, the customer can have an online account. Applications are used for number of functions; the app can be purchased through an app store.

Multi Channel 
The retail industry is able to see great development with the usage of multi channel marketing. Companies are looking for a digital agency that would be responsible for digital marketing strategies and advertising, if one agency is in charge of both, it will result in logical and effective offline and inline campaign. Putting it up on different channels as possible can lead to consistency in messaging.

UX (User Experience)
A lot of companies have started realizing how important it is to highlight the UX user experience. An UX is also helpful for the entire user or customer journey and for conversions. It attracts attention, is visually pleasing and makes it things clear about the company. 

Most companies are linking their store to online marketing. Customers can now purchase online and get the product delivered to them or collect it from the store. It is a trend that has improved the convenience and speed of user experience in the retail industry.

The retail industry wants more visitors to their website that can lead to conversions. There is a wide range of Digital Marketing channels that you can use for campaigns like for any product launch or to focus on seasonal sale or any festival sale. 

Our digital marketing retail proficiency can help in increasing the number of visitors and in the conversion rate. Retail is a diverse and competitive industry, a lot of brands have started using the different digital marketing techniques, and it is not easy to grab the attention of the audience and to stand out among the crowd. A good digital marketing strategy can increase visitors and conversions. If you need Digital Marketing Services for your website contact us at Traj Infotech.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Start using Email Marketing or You will be Left Behind

Email Marketing has more benefits than the old ways of marketing. Before investing in email marketing, you should understand how to keep the customers engaged and what would be the return on investment?
Email Marketing - Traj Infotech

Email Marketing Reduces Efforts and Time
Sending mail by post is time consuming because the mail needs to be transported to the customer. In telesales, you need to have a script and wait for the attempt of your salesperson. In email marketing, you can produce a piece of marketing communication in just a couple of hours.

With Email Marketing, you can send messages in a couple of hours and also send unique messages like for anniversary or birthday. Speaking to your customer directly in a personalized way is not easy. However, email marketing will give you many opportunities; you can send a personalized email along with details or information like user’s name, sales, etc.

Segment Customers
You can segment your customers and send marketing campaigns to interested customer, leading to rise in sales. Good marketing is, when you send relevant message to customers, who are interested and likely to reply.

Since email marketing does not take much time to make and send, compare to other marketing channels, this will helps you communicate more frequently. 

Test Messages
Email marketing has made it easy to check what headlines, offers, colors and graphic will work with your customers, making your customers respond. This is the right way to check which marketing message, will lead to rise in sales.

Sending an email with useful or tempting offer or relevant information, will take just a few seconds, your efforts can reach a wider audience.

Reduction in Overhead Cost
It can reduce overhead cost; there is no need to hire too many employees like marketing analyst, designers, etc. or pay for phone, advertising, printing or mailing cost. In email marketing, you spend less and get a good return on investment.

Through email marketing, you can track, what was successful and what was not. Has the ability to track sales to the source and identify what keeps the customer engaged?

Save the Planet
The communication between the business and customer is direct, reducing printing marketing material.

All those companies that are not using Email Marketing, I think, they should start using because among other marketing channels, Email Marketing delivers the maximum return on investment.  A lot of companies around the world have started using Email Marketing, those who are not familiar with email marketing, will not be able to understand the reasons behind its popularity. Email Marketing is popular among different industries. 

Some of the benefits are mentioned. Email Marketing can reduce your cost, reach out to a wider audience, less time consuming and can help in increasing the return on investment, making it the most efficient form of marketing.

Every Business needs to Understand the Latest Digital Marketing Trends

Every business needs to ensure they are able to keep up with whatever are the latest trends in digital marketing. Let’s look into how companies can take advantage of the latest developments to produce marketing strategies.

Digital Marketing - Traj Infotech
Content Marketing  -  Content Marketing plays an important role in the growth of digital marketing. Lately, brands are giving priority to in-depth and significant content. People still prefer written content, because of the growth of visual content, videos and images have given companies a distinctive way to showcase their products or services.  Video marketing is one of the largest trends in digital marketing.

Automation - Many B2B companies have started adopting marketing automated technology. Automation will help channels such as social media and email marketing in an effectual manner. Automation helps in increasing sales and plays a vital role in marketing strategy. 

Data  -  It gives an insight about the customers likes and dislikes. Data if used efficiently can help with the obtainable opportunities.  Companies should make use of the data that is available to create marketing strategies that will help your company to connect with the audience.

Mobile  -  The rise in the number of people using their mobile phones has gone up. A good mobile marketing strategy must think about the readability, various types of content, speed, visual focus and accessibility. Mobile usage has overtaken desktop, the trend of mobile phone usage maintains to snowball. We get to see new modernization in this space.

Social Media  -  Now days, social media is beyond followers and likes, here, you need to make your brand a precious tool to improve the customer satisfaction. CRM and social media is a powerful combination, it helps organizations to understand their customers and also organizes the entire communication in a more structured manner. 

SEO  -  It is giving companies the opportunity, to take advantage, of the rise in number of search, on mobile phones, also helps in understanding the power of search, while using natural language. 

Influencer Marketing  -  This has become reasonably popular, in creating new generation internet stars, who have become popular because of their engagement with all those following them on social media. Relevance plays an important part in the break or make of an influencer marketing campaign. 

The progression of technology keeps altering this leads to new digital marketing strategies. It is challenging for any business to sustain with the budding advancement. To have the best of digital marketing tactics, you need to understand the changes happening, among the different industries.  

Before updating the Digital Marketing strategy, it is very important to review the current goal and then decide the right way to reach the goal. Also need to understand the drawback of your current strategy and how best to improve it and ensure rise in traffic, more conversions and to enhance customer satisfaction.  You need to allocate the right budget and time, to understand the benefits your business can derive from the latest trends.

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Best Marketing Tools that every Business ought to be familiar

Money plays an important role in a business, to save money; here are some free and best Digital Marketing tools that can lead your business towards success.

Due – It is a free marketing tool to track the time spent on each and every marketing project. Also helps in budgeting, increasing the productivity, useful for payments and invoicing and also in calculating the time taken while billing.

Marketing Tools - Traj Infotech
Buffer – Knowing how powerful and useful social media are especially for your marketing plans. Buffer is a social media management tool that will keep your audience engaged, help in building your brand and in increasing your followers. The advantage is, on one dashboard you can connect with multiple accounts. You can schedule your post, evaluate the achievement of your post and also create campaigns.

Spaces Free logo maker – For every business branding is very vital. Spaces ‘free logo maker is perfect to design a logo for your company. It has a library with a lot of fonts, icons and frames, helps in creating a striking logo to communicate your brand identity. 

Canva – The most popular method of marketing is Visual content. A customized info graphics and illustrations, is useful in building professional appearance and in gaining credibility.

Evernote – Marketing your brand is very crucial and ideas for this can flow at any time. It is important, to prioritize and organize all your notes. Evernote is perfect to capture the trends, your ideas and your inspiration. 

Survey Monkey – It is a most admired survey tool. It is good for collecting consumer information, uncover trends, engage audience, etc. Survey Monkey is free and simple to use.

Sniply – If you share content from other influences, this will help in building trust with the audience. 

Scraper – Best way to extract competitor’s data or contact details, you can use this extracted information for content, marketing strategies and cold emailing list.

If you have a startup or small or medium sized company, bootstrapping your business is vital, this will help in understanding the value of money. Executing core competency is very critical for your brand or business. 

These days, there are a huge variety of Digital Marketing tools that are easily available, are free and will have a big impact on your business. The marketing tools mentioned are free and the best, every business or entrepreneur should know and understand how these online marketing tools work, in a resourceful manner. Grab the opportunity and use the right marketing tool for your business. For more information about visit our website @ Traj Infotech Pvt Ltd.

Friday, 10 November 2017

Manage Digital Marketing with the right Mobile App

Some of the applications that will keep your updated, both personally and professionally. 
Hootsuite – It is the best social media management application, Hootsuite helps you to monitor measure and post content on the different social media websites.

Mobile Application for Digital Marketing - Traj Infotech
Buffer - Through Buffer you can monitor and manage your social media accounts at least once. Set a schedule for updating each and every account. 

Nimble –Through Nimble the users can track and make relationships online with the help of contact details, online conversations and social media profiles.  

Feedly  - A website that gives you the right to use information from various websites and blogs. A custom made content is delivered to your mobile phone to read.

Facebook App – A social networking app that most people download. You can share videos or information and stay connected with people on your mobile phone.

Word Press - It is a very popular tool used for personal and professional blogging. You can post, update or edit the blog from your tablet or mobile phone.

Blogger – This tool is less in trend these days. This blogging tool is straightforward.

Linkedln – It is an effectual platform to maintain good professional relationship and also to grab the attention of people towards your brand or business. 

Mashable – Appropriate to deliver the latest news on apps, mobile, social networking, general news and technology.

TED – It shows talks from the world’s most famous people in fields like medical, education, tech, music, business and many more.

Quora – It is for marketing people who are searching for information from dependable sources.

Quick win Digital Marketing lite – It provides answers to many Digital Marketing questions. 

Dropbox – It is a place to store videos, documents and photos that can be accessed at anytime. You can also share the drop box files with your contacts or colleagues

Google Drive – Similar to drop box, you can sync it with your mobile phone and share files or documents.

Evernote - It can quickly capture notes and you can sync it, with your mobile phone. 

AnalyticsPro2 – It can access two and more Google accounts. Reports will be emailed to you, can convert data to a text file, and also identifies the latest trends.

There are many applications available in the market these days. These applications are good for marketing especially Digital Marketing. Like you have just seen that there is an enormous number of Mobile Applications, that are useful for all, especially for marketing people. You will not require all the applications, you need to understand, how each app works, then decide what will be more helpful and useful, in making your marketing efforts effective. Here Traj Infotech provide different kind of Digital Marketing Services.

The Healthcare Industry wants to transform from Conventional to Digital

With the new and advance technology, there is a growing demand for Digital Marketing in the Healthcare Industry, such as, to train healthc...