Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Ideas to build trust with your customers

It’s always good, if your business is liked by all. 

Along with being liked, people should also have trust. Trust is not just telling the truth, it is also how to present your story and yourself. To build trust, you need to have empathy for your customers.

Let’s look the ways to address these issues.

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Watch out for a weak website

Any website that is inadequately designed can be disastrous for your business. The website always sets the first impression, so, you need to motivate confidence among your potential customers. Digital Marketing Company – Traj Infotech Pvt. Ltd, can develop a great website for your business.

Ensure the landing pages, do not miss any information, and does not have much of graphics or content. It should be easy to navigate. Also, do a check on the spelling and grammar; the pages should be quick in loading, because the time limit for most web users is four seconds.


It is crucial, to discuss and also, make things clear to your customers, about what you do and the benefits expected by the customers, and how are you different from your competitors.

People talk about you

About 99% read the reviews of your business, 85% will trust the reviews and 72% will buy the product only after they have read the review.

Social Media

You cannot remain silent for a long time. You need to spend more time on internet, A strong web presence, can also help in getting the right influencer marketing. Traj Infotech – Digital Marketing Services in Ahmedabad, can boost your web presence.


Accuracy is much more than honesty, you need to keep up with your commitments, if you do not deliver on time, customers will not think well about you.


Need to build a great relationship with your customers, besides, information about your product, you can also give them, information about topics that are not related straight to your products. A great relationship is where you provide a great deal of information and do not end the relationship with the customer, after your product is sold. Try an everlasting relationship with your customers. Traj Infotech – Digital Marketing in Ahmedabad, can provide you some good content.

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Ways to capitalize on the advantages of Search Engine Optimization.

Most of the web users are more inclined towards clicking on the top five websites that appear on the search engine. Here are some ideas to maximize the advantages of SEO.

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Content and SEO
We have always heard that “content has always been the king and still is,” SEO cannot change it. If you’re content is wrong or too less, it will fail, what SEO does is, it grabs the attention of the audience towards your content. Use of right keywords is really important, for connecting with the audience. Digital Marketing Company – Traj Infotech Pvt. Ltd, can help you with the right SEO strategy.

Web pages
Search engines always rank each web page, and not the whole website. Need to have keywords in the content and title, to generate web traffic. Before creating the keywords, you should understand the readers’ intention, and be diligent with your keyword research. 

Title tags
A title tag can appear in browser tab and search results. Brand name can be added in the title, helps for easy recognition. For better rankings, the keywords should be positioned at the start.

Meta descriptions
Meta descriptions are very important for your ranking on search engine. It can motivate the audience to click on the website. Traj Infotech – Digital Marketing Services in Ahmedabad, can assist you with Meta descriptions.

ALT attributes
It makes it easy, to search an image, giving you the opportunity, to get noticed, ahead of a conservative web search.

Linking other pages, to the website, can help to enhance the keywords, in navigation and in establishing the significance of the page, during search. Links should not exceed per page and providing broken links can be harmful for SEO.

The content should please the audience and also make it easier to read, by using bold or bullet points. Paragraphs should not be too long, it discourages the reader. IT Services, can create a great content for you.

Your blogs should not be short; you will miss telling the readers, about your brand, because of this, the reader will end up, looking elsewhere. Always, say enough and meticulously.

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Thursday, 2 August 2018

Ways to create guidelines for your brand

Every business needs guidelines, to promote their brand, in the right way, because your brand is, like a visual guide that represents your company or communicates your brand on the various social media channels.

To develop a strong and long lasting brand identity, all the people in your company, need to be clear about, how the identity of the brand, ought to be communicated with the audience. Let’s see, how important brand identity for a business is?

Ways to build your brand identity:

Elucidate your task :-
First, is to understand what your brand or business is all about? Next, what is the USP or the unique selling point of your business? What type of qualities you want to display? The core values of your business and how would you like the audience to perceive your business? All this will give a bigger and better picture of your business. Digital MarketingCompany – Traj Infotech Pvt. Ltd, can help in promoting your brand.

Designing your brand :-

Need to design your brand, the logo and name will be used in your website, advertisements, emails, social media platforms, business cards and various other modes of communication. The logo and name should suit the different requirements, like the font size, colour and placement.

Type of brand:-

Do you have a brand that is fun or serious or authoritative or light hearted? The images and the pitch of voice are the key elements to communicate your brand identity. Ensure, the audience is able to, understand the type of brand, you want to promote. Traj Infotech, Digital Marketing Services in Ahmedabad, can make the audience, understand your brand better.

Brand guidelines:-

Whether you have one or several products, you need to develop guidelines, for your brand that are related to your business and are easy to adopt.

Progress of your brand:-

Before your brand is rolled out to the audience or the public, ensure, all the information remains confidential. After spending a lot of resources and time, ensure, all the people in your company, are, on the same page and updated about the guidelines, of your brand identity, explaining, how you want, the audience to perceive your brand? Traj Infotech, DigitalMarketing in Ahmedabad, ensures, your brand is well recognized, by the audience.


First, we need to understand brand identity; it is a way to communicate, your business and products or services to the audience. It consists of, all the essential components that are needed for the making of your brand, such as, images, name, theme, logo and web presence. Brand identity perceived by the audience translates to brand image.

The importance of brand identity is, to build a brand identity that is strong, for you to benefit, from the demarcation from your competitors, an increase in brand recognition and a boost in your sales. To be seen and known, as a, firm, truthful and dependable business. IT Services can help in brand recognition.

Monday, 30 July 2018

Signs that you need to invest more on Social Media

Social Media is ruling the internet, these days. It is really hard, to cope, with social media trends, a lot of companies are not trying enough or lagging behind. This is a clear indication that you must give the social media presence of your business, a lot of time. People feel social media is not meant for them, it is only for big brands, such as, Pepsi. 

Why do you feel social media is not right? Is it boring or you’re not happy with your products or services and do not want the audience on social media to know about your business.

Everyone, has to acknowledge the fact that social media is going to be around and will also get better and bigger, day by day. Start working on targeting the right audience, for this, you will need to invest time and efforts in all social media endeavours.

Not sure of Pinterest Pin or a Tweet.
If you’re not too sure, about Tweet or Pinterest Pin, you can either, invest some time to learn it yourself or train people working in your company or hire a Digital Marketing Company – Traj Infotech Pvt. Ltd., who will show you the benefits of Tweet or Pinterest Pin.

Handling social media can be stressful
If the executive, handling social media, for your company is getting stressed and is not able to manage several social media accounts, complaints from customers and several questions from the audience, your digital marketing campaign will suffer online. Ensure, to hire Traj Infotech – Best Digital Marketing Company in Ahmedabad.

Social Media Marketing-Traj InfoTech

Too many engagements
Addition to emails, sorting of finances and managing the different functions of your business, you also, need to manage your customers, on social media. For this, you should hire, Traj Infotech, Digital Marketing Services in Ahmedabad.

Understand your next engagement
Understanding of events, your social calendar and timing is very important.

More blog posts
Other things that can influence your social media account are, either, less number of blog posts or the timing between two blog posts.

Don’t use Facebook only.
Try others social media platforms too, like, Twitter is really fast, Pinterest will keep audience engaged; YouTube, Instagram and others too have a lot of advantages. IT Services can help you with the various social media platforms.

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Various ways to target the New or Young Generation

A lot of marketers find the new generation a mystery.

In this post, you will get to see the guidelines when marketing to the new generation.

Understanding the new generation
It is crucial to know and understand the likes, dislikes and preferences of the new generation. Since, the trends of the new generation are different.

Create a good content
Always try and create an engaging content, because the new generation want the content to personally speak to them. To get it right, hiring Digital Marketing Company – Traj Infotech Pvt. Ltd, would be ideal.

Digital Marketing Company in Ahmedabad - Traj infotech

Focus on popular influences
The new generation keep a constant watch, on the reviews or feedback of popular influencers. Since, an influencer can convince customers that the product is an excellent choice.

Involvement is important 
The young generation want to be part of something big; the marketing campaign should encourage their feedback.

Interactive content
Your content should connect with the young generation, so that they remember and get in touch with you later.

Use fewer words
Your content should be clear and precise, can utilize videos, data and statistics, to get to the point.

Put your point across early
The new generation want the data or information as soon as possible, so do not have to give too much of explanation.

Make it work
The new generation are totally tech savvy, in case, your web page and application are not working, they will leave and never revisit. Traj Infotech - Digital Marketing Services in Ahmedabad, will make sure, your web page and mobile application works properly.

Must use latest technology
You should implement the latest technology, planning to build an app, ensure, it works on mobile and other devices.

Use tech that is needed
Use the technology that is required for your business, this will help in achieving good results.

Include all
Always remember, you must include everyone in your marketing campaign. You must welcome and accept all.

Social media
The young generation spend most of their time on Social Media, use it communicate with them.

Use appealing media
The new generation is always open to new ideas and experience; try new and innovative things, such as, videos, voice search and applications.

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Your brand must have a personality

In marketing, the most commonly used phrases are, ‘innovation is key’, ‘think outside the box’ and ‘blue sky thinking’.

If a company wants to succeed, they should be innovative and think out of the box. To be innovative, you need to have the right fundamentals. Digital Marketing Company - Traj Infotech Pvt. Ltd, can enhance your company with several innovative ideas.

Let’s go through some really useful tips to define the limitations and also help you build the right strategy, to grab the attention of the audience.

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Define your concept
First, you need to understand what is it that you exactly want, you need to define it. For each company, the concept will differ, it is very crucial to understand the concept of your business and the factors required, before building a foundation for it. 
Once you are able to define your concept, the next step, is to start working on the concept.

Brand identity
First, you need to know what your company wants and does. Understand the mission, where you want to see your business in the next 5 to 10 years, what are the strengths, opportunities, threats and weaknesses of your business, where does your business stand in today’s market, what is your company USP, who are your customers and what are they looking for? Once you have answers to these questions, you can work, on your brand yourself or hire Traj Infotech, Digital Marketing Services in Ahmedabad.

It is vital to work, on what the company looks like, to the audience and the employees. The values you could exhibit are;
Innovation or creativity

Need to define the company culture, is it, a traditional company or a corporate or a young, vibrant and fun organization. It is important to understand the work culture. With the help of IT Services, you can convey your work culture through your website and digital marketing campaign. 

Services offered
First, define the services that you plan to offer. Write down the services that will do well; this is useful for short term and long term. Or else, it can damage the company reputation and shatter your dreams.

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Understand the advantages of Digital Public Relations over Traditional Public Relations.

To boost the visibility of your brand and to increase the traffic towards your landing page or website, you need Digital public relations. 

Here, we are going to tell you the difference between digital public relations and traditional methods

First, we need to understand, what digital public relations is all about? It focuses, on the public relations strategies that are required exclusively, for online advertising. Digital Public Relations is a combination of several elements, like, online marketing methods, link building, Search Engine Optimization and developing a good relationship with website editors and influential content writers and bloggers. The whole plan is to build trust, by keeping customers engaged and while positively promoting your products.

Best Digital Marketing Company in  Ahmedabad - Traj  Infotech

The actions of Digital public relations include,

To gain link to your products through online.

Always aim at achieving the highest rank, on Google search engine, for your website.

You must always enjoy, an optimistic customer relationship, on various social media platforms.

It is important to have a blog post on a reputed website, useful to attract more and more traffic.

Try and introduce your products and services to well-known bloggers.

The biggest difference, between traditional and digital public relation method, is that digital public relation can be measured easily through various tools, like, Indeed, Google analytics, the digital public relation campaign, is measured on the basis, of certain key performance indicators, like, search engine ranking, hits and referral traffic. It is also concerned about, the factors behind website ranking, ways to enhance brand visibility and vital keywords. Digital Marketing Company – Traj Infotech Pvt. Ltd, can take care of your digital needs.

Traditional methods focus on television and print media. 

The actions of traditional methods include,

Use to publish business profile in magazine.

They would have a press release, before the launch, of the latest product.

They would send review, of the latest product, to eminent journalists.

In traditional public relations methods, it is tough to track the readership and circulation rate.

Looking at the advantages of Digital PR, hire Traj Infotech, Digital Marketing Services in Ahmedabad, to handle the Digital Marketing for your business.

Ideas to build trust with your customers

It’s always good, if your business is liked by all.  Along with being liked, people should also have trust. Trust is not just telling ...