Friday, 17 May 2019

Your Content Marketing should focus more on Visual

Content is a must, to make it more appealing you should make it more visual.

According, to an exciting fact most of the representations in our mind are visual, meaning when you think of something, while preparing a content, etc. you tend to use your sight and visualize the solution or the answer quickly.

Here are a few well-liked and influential types of visual content seen in this day and age.

Images and pictures, if added in the post, will increase the number of page views. Digital Marketing Company – Traj Infotech Pvt. Ltd, will include some eye catchy images and pictures in your post.

For some improved marketing results, Traj Infotech, Digital Marketing Services in Ahmedabad can create Gifs and videos that are ideal to get the viewers attention.

IT Company create Infographics, which shows a great deal of information or data in an easier way.

Meme is an out of the ordinary and witty content. Traj Infotech, Best IT Services in Ahmedabad , will create an appealing meme for your brand

Nowadays, there are numerous alternatives for digital marketing campaigns that you may require in the near future, depending upon the business type and audience. I would like to suggest advantages of visual content. 

Sharing Potential on social media

Whenever a person sees a video that has high emotional impact, an interest is developed and they quickly share the video with all. 

A viral content can either be an astonishing video, hilarious picture or ingenious infographic. To boost brand awareness, Traj Infotech, Digital Marketing Company in Ahmedabad, will definitely add visual content in your marketing campaigns on social media.

The right way to convey your message

Trying to explain or describe what you really feel through words is harder or difficult. Explaining through videos and pictures is so much easier because you can see the true feeling or what is explained. IT Services can convey your message with some great pictures.

Visual content can grab the attention 

Whenever a person sees an interesting video or an alarming picture, they immediately want to click on the link because it is something that has made the person curious or has satisfied or helped the person.

Monday, 13 May 2019

Way ensuring your Small Business can gain from Mobile Marketing.

If you look around, you’ll see almost everybody wanting to experience internet on their mobile phone. People no more want to access internet on their desktop computer. Mobile marketing is a great way to make sure your business is able to make profit. It is time for small companies to understand expansion of business through mobile marketing. 

How your small business can gain from mobile marketing?

Responsive design only

The advance part of a web design is responsive design, where your website is made to look great irrespective of the device, like, mobile phone, desktop or tablet. If your website is not able to cater to small screen, you will end up losing customers. 

Digital Marketing Company in Ahmedabad – Traj Infotech Pvt. Ltd, will make sure your website is able to adjust and evolve with all devices and will also ensure your emails use responsive design too. 

Prefer a well designed website

If your website is poorly designed no user will recommend your business to others. For a well designed website, keep the various web designs in mind and stick to what is essential. Also, the users need to be seamlessly guided to conversion with no distraction. Traj Infotech, Digital Marketing Services in Ahmedabad, can help you with a well designed website. 

Easier mobile payment

To move with the changing trends, you need to optimize your app or website for mobile payments, or else you will lose out on your target audience.  Ensure that the website or app is designed in such a way that will make the whole payment process easy and logical. Traj Infotech, Digital Marketing Company in Ahmedabad, will make sure customers are able to buy your products directly from their mobile phone in a matter of few minutes. 

Promoting your products

These days, mobile apps are the most popular. Identify ways to promote your products and/or services to the audience.

You can advertise on digital marketing platforms that are very effective. Users like clicking on Instagram and Facebook ads that are well crafted and keep them engaged through their mobile phone, leading to rise in conversion rate. Traj Infotech, Best SEO Company in Ahmedabad, will help with promoting your products.

Thursday, 9 May 2019

Website Optimization is vital for your Business

Every business creates blogs with the aim to enhance visibility, expand your target audience and improve customer relationship. 

Over the years, have witnessed numerous changes in search engine optimization, It’s become easier to create a blog post that focuses on the needs of the customer. 

Some tips to boost your website’s SEO and ensure your blog gets the highest ranking.

Right keywords
You cannot stuff your blog with any keyword, it is important to use the right keywords.
You should know the right keywords that will work for your brand. Digital Marketing Company in Ahmedabad – Traj Infotech Pvt. Ltd, will use keywords that are searched often, increasing your ranking and giving your blog a good start.
Your blogs should be consistent
If you’re blog is not updated regularly, your search engine optimization will drop. The blog needs to be updated regularly. Traj Infotech, Digital Marketing Services in Ahmedabad, will create new blog posts that are useful in website optimization.
Proof reader or editor
You need to check your content for any grammatical or spelling mistakes; even small errors can make a big difference because a poorly written content will not be able to promote your brand. 
Traj Infotech, Best SEO Company in Ahmedabad will provide you with good quality content. 
Headlines is important
Popular the post, better the search engine optimization results, sharing your content on social media and receiving more clicks, can drive your post up the search engine ranking. Traj Infotech, Best IT Services in Ahmedabad, can create a captivating headline to make sure your blog is able to receive all the attention it deserves. 
Provide the readers whatever they would like
Search engine monitor if the audience clicks on your blog post and goes back, then clicks on another option according to the search results. It is terrible because search engine will assume that readers are not able to get what they desire. IT Services will provide what the customers desire that will boost the SEO and your standing.
Provide Links
If you link other blogs, they would begin linking back that will work well for SEO. IT Company will help with links to and fro from your website, giving it an authoritative and legitimate look. 

Monday, 6 May 2019

Kinds of Video Content to use at each step of Marketing Funnel

Video Content can grab the attention of target audience, keep them engaged, boost conversion rate and complete the marketing funnel.

Without much delay, let’s look at the different types of video content for your marketing funnel.

Brand films

Brand film is to make your audience understand the vision, values and the purpose of your brand. Using sounds, storytelling and visuals is not possible through other mediums.

Animated Video

Animation provides emotional stimulation, visual and a “wow” factor, making your video memorable. Traj Infotech, Best IT Services in Ahmedabad, will display their creativity with some quirky, short and fun video.


You’ll find your target audience always searching for information; this is when educational videos come handy, helping them to learn and apply in their lives.


Documentary videos focus on new, real and valuable content. Traj Infotech, Digital Marketing in Ahmedabad can create a story driven, comprehensive and stylist documentary video.


It is a way of showing the customer how a thing can be done in an efficient manner. 
IT Services establish authority and expertness in their tutorial video.  

360 degree experience

A 360 degree experience is a captivating way to share places, experiences and stories with the audience.

Traj Infotech, Digital Marketing Services in Ahmedabad, will help you steal the limelight.


Video emails are a good idea to grab the attention of your audience. IT Company will help you surprise your audience with some catchy video email.


Showing a video of your products will convince your audience of the benefits, product videos are very effective. 

Company culture

Helps in connecting with your audience on an emotional level, Digital Marketing Company in Ahmedabad – Traj Infotech Pvt. Ltd, will create a creative video by including team building, birthday party, festivities and more. 


Testimonial videos are good to build trust and enhance credibility.

Demonstrational video

Will assist your customer with the product they’ve bought. This video will give a step by step demonstration of your product. 

Personalized videos

Personal touch is a must because it makes people feel special and brings happiness and can boost sales.

Thank you video

One will consider video marketing successful after the customer goes through the entire marketing tunnel.

Thank you video displays your appreciation. 

Friday, 3 May 2019

Things that one must consider before they plan a Digital Marketing Strategy.

Digital marketing strategy is about mapping out the future and wanting to tell what your business is into. 

It is not difficult to jump straight into putting up content. But to keep the audience engaged, you need to have a definite plan.
The things that is required before planning digital marketing.

You need to analyze SWOT; the full form of SWOT is strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This helps in assessing your business better.
Digital Marketing Company – Traj Infotech Pvt. Ltd, can identify your weaknesses and help with a new digital marketing plan.

You should have specific goals, like, a social media digital marketing strategy is not just about an increase in the number of followers, but also about how to convert them into customers.
Traj Infotech, Digital Marketing Services in Ahmedabad can develop a good social media strategy.

Marketing Strategies
Mapping out your goals, helps you work out the best content marketing strategy to attract your target audience.
Traj Infotech, Best SEO Company in Ahmedabad, can create informative blogs for your website.

Calendar for content
Calendar for content is ideal for planning. It gives you an idea about what to publish, on which platform, the tagline, topic, etc.
IT Company can help you with a content calendar.

Video is a powerful digital marketing tool. IT Services will make a video with a purpose that relates to your business goals and also as an enlightening tool.

Personal Touch 
Whether content, advertisements or email marketing, you should be able to alter the messages on the basis of preferences, habits and more.
Traj Infotech, Best IT Services in Ahmedabad, can help send personalized messages to your target customers, increasing the conversion rate.

New mediums
Using one medium is not sufficient to connect with your target audience. You should increase the number of platforms such as, Snapchat or Instagram, etc.

You must track your Digital Marketing before it goes live. Traj Infotech, Digital Marketing in Ahmedabad, will ensure your digital marketing succeeds. .

Privacy of data
Protecting your data is a must, before the launch, think of responsible and ethical data usage and also be transparent with all your customers, to build trust.

Monday, 29 April 2019

Every business should create a definitive Marketing Plan.

Each marketer thinks of countless methods of writing a perfect marketing plan. If you fail to plan, you’re plan will fail. 

Here is a guide that will help you on how to create a marketing plan.

Business identity
  • It’s very important to understand who you really are and the core of your business.
  • Unique selling proposition should be full proof.
  • You must highlight your business.
  • Need to be honest in all areas that are crucial. 
  • Digital Marketing Company – Traj Infotech Pvt. Ltd, will help you with your business identity. 

Should know your customers and communicate to them
These days, customers can get information through many ways like, reviews and online resources. Knowing your customers and communicating with them is really crucial, to build a bond. Traj Infotech, Digital Marketing Services in Ahmedabad, will help you communicate with your customers effectively and quickly.

Position your company
It’s very important to position your company among your competitors within the same industry. Traj Infotech, Best IT Services in Ahmedabad, will ensure you’re able to analyse the number of competitors, research on the competition, compare the pros and USPs and analyse the digital marketing channels that can have an impact on your potential customers. 

Need to have SMART goals
Very essential to have clarity or a clear picture of your goals before making any plan. To set your goals, you need to identify how your business wants to work and what can lead to growth of the business.

SMART goal setting is ideal

Define your goals, IT Company will hone whatever you want to achieve.

Need a way to measure your success directly.

The whole team should agree on the goals, you’ll get valuable information and a perspective of your goals. 

Your goals should be realistic and achievable.

Every goal has to be completed in a certain timeframe. IT Services will ensure your goals are completed on time. 

Take your plan ahead
You need to know the relevant way to take your plan ahead. Traj Infotech, Digital Marketing in Ahmedabad, will help you take your plan ahead and also transform your ideas into action. 

Monday, 22 April 2019

The different Milestones involved in a Website Design Process

Before you begin with your website designing, it is vital to have a design process.  You also need to lay down the timeline and milestones of your website design, to avoid any kind of distraction and confusion during the process.

Milestones of the web design need to be properly reinforced with practical and achievable timelines. A to-do list will break down milestones into workable and simpler portions. 

The various milestones needed in the web designing process.

Preliminary contact

Here you meet the client and collect information, to know the client’s needs, target customers and business goals. Digital Marketing Company in Ahmedabad – Traj Infotech Pvt Ltd, understand the needs of the client better to save time in the whole website design process. 

Must plan

Planning is important because the timeline and milestones are set according to what is mapped and decided. This stage also requires interaction with the client and understanding of minute details.

Traj Infotech, Digital Marketing Services in Ahmedabad, will create and finalise a site map after the client’s review and approval, after which they will decide the technology to be used.


The main focus of each website is the content; it can hook the audience and ensure, your audience returns for more. If the content is good it will boost the usability and presence of your website. Before, you start working on the design, you should decide the content.

Traj Infotech, Best IT Services in Ahmedabad, will create an interesting, useful and informative content for your website.


Web designers need to develop the landing page, font size, content, navigation and colour. IT Company shows the client the first designs, they have to provide feedback or ask for changes, later, the designer will fine tune the design.


Once the client approves, get started to create fresh content or improve old content, develop slideshows and videos.

IT Services will create a demonstration, for clients to see and interact.


Before the launch, it is important for the web designers to run the final test to check if everything is working properly. 

Traj Infotech, Best SEO Company in Ahmedabad, will look into the feedback of users, monitor your website and also make modification accordingly.

Your Content Marketing should focus more on Visual

Content is a must, to make it more appealing you should make it more visual. According, to an exciting fact most of the representation...