Friday, 29 December 2017

Viral Marketing is a powerful tool in a business.

These days, one of the powerful tools in a business is viral marketing. For a good viral marketing campaign, let’s see the different viral marketing principles that are practiced by various brands.

Viral Marketing is a powerful tool in a business.

If you want to create a good viral content, it is vital to understand your potential customers. Companies that want to start with a viral campaign should have information such as, the demographic information, content favorites and social media activities. Need to speak with customers, both current and potential, to understand what they prefer during purchase, this will make it easy to create content.

Right social media platform
Before you start to create the content, you need to select the right social media platform. For viral marketing campaign, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn is good, however, the content will be different for each platform. Like, on Instagram, a series of storied or an attractive caption with images can be useful. Well as, LinkedIn is created from a considerate update or an article.

Content that can keep users engaged ranks topmost and content that is unable to keep users engaged is ranked at the bottom. You need to create content that will keep the users engaged.

If you want the content to perform well, when you release the content, it should be visible. The audience habits and which social media you are using will decide the ideal time.

If you invest on paid advertisements on social media, it can help in boosting visibility of the campaign. Re sharing the advertisement with the user will help in broadcasting in an effective and economical way to a huge audience.

Social media influencer
Social media influencer can improve a viral marketing campaign.

You can use social media tools to measure the performance. It always takes few tries before creating the final viral marketing campaign.

Media attention
In case, viral marketing campaign does well, it is a great way to show that a huge number of people responded in a positive manner to the brand’s campaign.

Content should always be different or unique, original and should be able to keep the audience engaged.        Traj Infotech - SEO Company in Ahmedabad

Thursday, 28 December 2017

The most up-to-date Pay per click trends for the coming year 2018

Here, we are going to tell you about the trends of pay per click for 2018.  Whether you want to rely on advertising through Google shopping or through Google ad words campaign? According to the pay per click trends, you can improve your marketing campaign as per the new changes in Google.
Let’s see the latest pay per click trends that will steal the lime light in 2018.

 A rise in display advertising
These days, there is a rise in display advertising; the amount spent on display advertisements has gone up, but you need to understand, where these advertisements appear most commonly.

The most up-to-date Pay per click trends for the coming year 2018

The search engine is dominated by Google.
Whenever we have a problem or do not understand something, immediately we start searching on Google, a place where we can find information and answers to all questions in this digital world.

Most users like spending a lot of time on Facebook. Hence, it is a platform that can be used for introducing new products or services. Now days, Facebook is a good way to advertise that will lead to an increase in revenue. In 2018, Facebook is a great idea to display your advertisements, to target customers.

It is definitely worth to bring in videos in your digital marketing campaign. Facebook and Instagram are platforms where videos can be used to advertise your products or services and keep your customers engaged. Video are of two types recorded and live. Videos are becoming more and more popular among customers. Hence, companies will have to spend on video advertisements. Video also leads to a rise in conversion rate.

 Mobile landing page
Mobile advertising is on a rise. These days, in this smart phone world, company needs a mobile optimized website, a lot of pay per click landing pages fall short, these pages should be responsive and user friendly. For a pay per click campaign landing page, mobile marketing still remains largely popular that helps in conversions.

Ad Words
Google has come with a new version of AdWords, to improve the Adword marketing campaign and to save efforts and time. Adwords will help companies in displaying certain offers like promotion codes or percentage off in their advertisement.   Traj Infotech - SEO Company in Ahmedabad

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

The Digital Marketing Trends to look for in the year 2018.

We are already in the month of December, end of 2017 and start of 2018. Every business should be ready with a marketing strategy for the New Year. Let’s kick start with some digitalmarketing trends for 2018. These are general marketing predictions that can affect your business in many ways. In 2018, we expect to see these different types of digital marketing trends.

The Digital Marketing Trends to look for in the year 2018_Traj_Infotech

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence has been around for some time now companies have started using Artificial Intelligence for marketing. Changes or improvement in technology will lead to the growth of Artificial Intelligence.

Live Video
Live video is a fast growing trend. These days, people enjoy watching videos rather than reading a blog. Through live videos you can show an event, holiday, sales or advertise a promotion or use it to introduce a new product.

There is a lot of scope for mobile video
All should make sure their website is mobile friendly because people spend most of their time on smart phones. There is a lot of scope for growth for mobile videos in 2018. So, plan a mobile video strategy to be ahead of your competitors.

User experience
User experience is very vital. Most customers will look at your brand on the basis of their experience with your company. A great user experience will help in brand loyalty.

Content marketing
Content marketing is becoming popular and is available in different forms like videos, infographics and blogs.

Voice Search
Voice search can be used anywhere, laptop, phone, desktop, etc.

Since, television has started using the digital platform; most companies prefer YouTube and social media for advertisements rather than advertisements on television channels.

Social Media
2018 is going to be a year for actionable social media tactics and strategy

In 2018, companies will focus on Generation Z marketing; these customers will stay for many years.

Key element is transparency
Customers are looking for trust and transparency. If you want to be rewarded, be transparent with your customers.

Easier to do business
Digital marketing has made it easy to do business, whether it is a big company or a startup or a local business.   Traj Infotech - SEO Company in Ahmedabad

Monday, 25 December 2017

The hottest Content Marketing Trends for the year 2018

Content marketing plays a very important role for increasing the sales of a business. Some of the key trends that did well in 2017 and seem to make way for 2018, these are the trends to watch for in the coming year 2018.

The hottest Content Marketing Trends for the year 2018 _Traj _Infotech

Business would like to invest in content that is original
These days, competition is getting tougher day by day, for the brand to continue, they need original content that will help in attracting the audience and also in keeping the customers happy or satisfied. Even the biggest brands give importance to consistent and original content. Copying content is a absolute ‘NO’. Your content should be original, simple, easy to read, grammatically correct, do not repeat words too many times, write in paragraphs and keep the lines in the content short and not lengthy. #ContentMarketing

Transparency is a must
Customers expect authentic, dedicated and transparent content. Brands should start focusing on transparency. According to Google search a lot of brands ran into trouble because of lack of transparency and disclosure. To build trust and maintain it, among your potential and current customers, you need to make sure that all contents created by you, whether it is for your company website or social media or others should be fully transparent.

Keywords – Whatever contents you create, do not forget to include or add the vital keywords of the content. Always use target keywords in your content.

Link – You should link with other good quality websites that will help in boosting your company website.

Media – Media plays a crucial part in Content marketing, people who are not keen in content, for them you should add images and videos. Media is ideal for user experience and in improving your brand value with search engine Google. These days, there is an increase demand for live video; you can still find pre recorded videos. Live videos was used in 2016 and 2017, but will become more popular in the year 2018. People prefer watching live videos rather than reading blogs. Live video can work for all industries. So, reap the benefits of live video before others do.
   Traj Infotech - SEO Company in Ahmedabad

Sunday, 24 December 2017

The Importance of Content Marketing Strategy while marketing your products and services.

Content marketing strategy is a must; but, to plan a meaningful strategy, you need a lot of effort and time. Let’s see in what ways, we can take the content marketing strategy, to a higher level of accomplishment. Here are the different steps that can create content marketing strategy that your audience will definitely like.

The Importance of Content Marketing Strategy while marketing your products and services -Traj-Infotech

Need to have objectives for your content marketing

Need to first understand, what is the need for content marketing? Why are you creating this content? How will content help the growth of the organization? Will content create an awareness of your brand or product? Will it lead to a rise in conversions? How to improve retention and loyalty? Your main aim is do very well in your business with the help of content marketing. Understand the objectives for your content marketing, and then create a good content.

What will put you apart?

You should create a content marketing program that will put you apart from your competitors. The content should be good, It could be inspirational, motivational, or others. Need to understand the main crux of the content program and then proceed to create a perfect content.

Need to measure content marketing

In case, you want to create an awareness of your brand or product, measure it, need to keep a track and measure your content marketing.

Understanding your potential customers

 Your goals or objectives dictate to your potential customers. Need to grab the attention of potential customers with the help of content marketing. You should understand your potential customers the same way you understand your friends and family.

Research is a must

What do the potential customers need to know about your brand? You can use social media, search, internal personnel and conversations with the customers, to do research and also understand the convincing requirement of the potential customers. Collect all the data and real insights and create the needed content.

An execution plan

It is very important to understand your customers, based on this you need to have a plan, what content you want to create on daily or weekly or monthly or quarterly basis.


You need to know the places and people that can help your business by strengthening the content marketing.   Traj Infotech - SEO Company in Ahmedabad

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Ways PPC and SEO can be more effectual together.

Pay per click and search engine optimization are different platforms of digital marketing, do not think that PPC and SEO cannot work together; they can work better together because they gain and balance each other.
Here are some ways PPC and SEO can be more effectual together.


Visibility is a benefit that your company needs. Every company wants their brand to be visible as much as possible, making it possible to reach out to more and more people. Running just an search engine optimization campaign, is not sufficient, if you plan to add pay per click, then you will get more exposure, if you are able to do well at organic and paid spaces, your brand will not just get a higher visibility but will also lead to a strong foothold in the market.

The best part about Pay per click and search engine optimization is it helps in generating data that can be used for marketing your brand. It is important to understand which keywords rank better, which keywords will get you more conversions and others. Those running the two campaigns PPC and SEO, have more data available with them that can help them in what changes is required to improve an campaign, about potential customers and how to achieve better results.

Ad copy
If you’re planning to run PPC advertisements for your brand or company, you can see which ad is performing well and is able earn more and more conversions. Audience clicking on your company advertisements means the ad is convincing and helps in giving the audience the information they are looking for or require. The better performing advertisement copy can be used to assist the search engine optimization campaign.

Re-targeting is a helpful instrument in search marketing. With the help of re-targeting, it gives you a chance to target users and serve them with your PPC advertisements, once users are familiar with your website, it will lead to more conversions. Serving ads to your audience helps in getting them back to the website and in building brand awareness.
Ranking and Exchange of keywords
Try to find out the keywords that are doing well with SEO, since, you already have all the information with you. At times using certain keywords is expensive for PPC, for this SEO is really effective. Traj Infotech - SEO Company in Ahmedabad

Friday, 22 December 2017

To acquire customers for your business you need different strategies.

A lot of people feel advertising is the best way to gain customers. Actually, there are a many ways to get a grip initially, using social networking sites and many more.

Here are some strategies to acquire customers for your business.


The reason why a new business fails is because believing that you know all and above all convincing yourself the customers need the product.  You need to talk, to understand the market and also confirm the theory.

You can use Twitter, to chat with customers and also be sure to take their permission to send        updates of future products. This can help in market research and in building customers.

 On this site, you can post questions on each and every topic, good way for gathering answers     about service or product you plan to sell.

Development tools such as Survey Monkey and Quallaroo be able to help you in understanding your customers, is also helpful in generating more leads.

Great way to launch a new product is via email list. You can build an email list through a lot of ways.

Guest posting
Guest posting has become a way to attract the audience, this approach has worked for a lot of companies. Start with a guest blogging tactic and see the difference.

Search engine optimization is good for traffic it is becoming tough to rank higher because there’s a lot of competition among companies. To be consistent, you need high quality content.

Cold Email
It is a way to get customers. Firstly, it is easy to get the email address and also easy in reaching out to a large number of people rather quickly.

Paid advertisement
A lot of new startups or other companies prefer paid advertising to get customers. Only companies that already have products should go with paid ads.

LinkedIn is nothing but an alternative for cold email that can lead to high conversion for your company.

One on one interaction
Those companies, who want an advantage over established companies, should give their subscribers a one on one session, this helps in building a trustworthy and long term relationship.

Offer free trial
To attract the audience, you can offer free trial for your service.

Need to put a blog on your website that can target the needs of the audience.
     Traj Infotech - SEO Company in Ahmedabad

Thursday, 21 December 2017

We can see a growing demand for Online Marketing.

Online marketing plays an important role in customer’s decision making. With a rise in number of customers, who use social media and internet on smart phone to research on the product, price and quality before taking the final call, whether to purchase or not. Through online marketing, a company can build a good relationship with their current and prospective customers, with a personalized, usual and economical communication.



With the help of online marketing, you can keep your business open for twenty four hours, without any worries of store timings or about paying staff overtime. Internet has made it convenient to sell your products. Customers can browse your store online, at a time that is convenient for them and also place order whenever they want too.


Through online marketing you can reach out to a wide range of customers, irrespective of the distance. Without a store, you can still sell your products anywhere around the world, it helps to widen your target market. Selling your products nationally and internationally has become straightforward and quick.

Cost factor

Online marketing is much more economical than marketing through a retail store or outlet. Having an online store means no store rentals or maintenance or need to buy stock for displaying it in the store. Whenever there is a demand, you can buy your stock, this will make sure that your inventory cost is a smaller amount.

Personal preferences

Through online marketing, you can build a history of all their purchases and a list of their preferences. This will help in understanding the customers’ likes and dislikes. You can accordingly, come up with offers on the basis of their personal preference.

Relationship with customers

Online marketing gives a platform to build a relationship with your customers. After the customer purchases the product online from your website, to begin and retain a relationship with your customers, you need to send follow up emails to give a confirmation about the purchases and also to mention thank you to the customers. Mailing personalized and special offers will help in maintaining a relationship.

Social media

There is growing significance of social media and also a link between online revenue growth and social media. Social media is ideal for your online marketing campaign.
  Traj Infotech - SEO Company in Ahmedabad

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Digital Marketing has helped the Cosmetic and Beauty Business to reach new heights.

These days, Digital marketing is a part of every industry and everyone’s life. The cosmetic and beauty business is no different.
Digital marketing can transform any business; it can have an impact on the way you interact with customers and on your business.

The cosmetic and beauty business is on a rise because of increase in disposable income among people and growing aspiration to look beautiful and live a wonderful life.
The different ways digital marketing can influence the cosmetic and beauty business.

Makeup Artistry that is online
Since there are a lot of brands in the market, they have created a makeup artistry that is online, here, you can experiment with the various shades of eye shadow, lipsticks, foundation, concealer, etc. all this to make the person look good. You can also try the different looks before purchasing what looks good on you. There is tough competition among the different brands around the world because customers do not mind paying an entry fee and the subscription amount.

Social Networking
Since most people use social networking websites, it has become very easy to market any new product or new look or discovery. Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube and Instagram are social networking sites that have become popular around the world. Publishing tutorial videos on how to apply makeup and of famous stars or celebrities encourages people to buy products.

YouTube or video bloggers who give online tutorial are becoming popular. Most well known brands, pay these YouTubers and bloggers well just to write great reviews or to promote their product.
Beauty services at home

A lot of entrepreneurs and startups have opted for providing different types of beauty services at home. These days, because of lack of time and a hectic lifestyle, most customers are willing to pay extra for the beauty services that can be carried out at their residence. Digital marketing has helped beauty business to develop online, hence, beauty services do not need to have a set up any more.
Digital marketing has made things so simple, just select a beauty treatment, from the company website, then place the order, a team will be sent to your house to provide the beauty services.
 Traj Infotech - SEO Company in Ahmedabad

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Ways Digital Marketing can help e-commerce business to grow

Digital marketing can help in building and maintaining customers and also in the growth of your e-commerce business.

Let’s have a look at different ways digital marketing can be helpful.

Ways Digital Marketing can help e-commerce business to grow
The main aim of any e-commerce company is to get customers to purchase the product. You need to attract your customers to your website, keeping your customers engaged, able to convert visitors into customers and retain them and also keep your audience interested in your e-commerce business.

Content is an important part of digital marketing. Publishing good quality content on your website, can catch the attention of customers, keep them engaged and also retain them. Writing features and blogs can help in reaching out to potential customers. Content has proven to be valuable for all businesses, including e-commerce. Uploading good quality content on a regular basis can help in providing your customers with important information and can even highlight your business. Content marketing strategy can build customers and ensure they keep coming back. You need to set a benchmark for your e-commerce business and your product and services. Always be known for upmost quality, honesty and dependability.

Search engine optimization
Search engine optimization is crucial for digital marketing. It helps in the rankings on search engines such as Google and in visibility of your products and services. Right keywords, a perfectly written Meta description and title can help in promoting your products and services to your potential customers. Any product page with more keywords and low quality will be considered low even by Google. Besides, keywords you need to build links. Good quality content will always keep targeted customers engaged, this will lead to linking to your products and services, and it is helpful in increasing the traffic to your website, also helps in higher ranking on Google, rise in audience and growth of the company.

One more important element of digital marketing is email marketing. If done properly, then it can help in building and retaining customers for your company website. A successful email marketing strategy is to produce and also distribute a good quality newsletter either every week or monthly. Email marketing is effective whenever personalized on behalf of the customers.
 Traj Infotech - SEO Company in Ahmedabad

Friday, 15 December 2017

The Digital Marketing Strategies that Retailers need to keep in mind

Retailers need to do a lot of planning. Either it is the personalized shopping experience of every user or how to make maximum use of the website or how can the search functionality be improved, to ensure the website is precise and faster. To make sure that your business is able to earn profits. One should be careful and not omit things that can influence your business.

Digital Marketing - Traj Infotech

There are certain marketing strategies that retailers cannot ignore.

Focus on retention
Mostly retailers who have an online store, invest more on gaining customers, they assume that more the traffic means increase in sales.  Retailers feel investing on social media marketing and on pay per click advertising can grab the attention of the audience and will help to ascertain their brand during search results. What is important is retention? Retailers forget that they need to pay attention on retention. Otherwise, it is doing just 50% of the job and expecting only 50% results. Not sure where and how to begin, you can start with retention emails, instead of promotional mails, you can send retention emails that will make sure all your customers are glad.

Product details
Most customers leave the website subsequent to landing on the product page because of insufficient product details. Just uploading a few pictures and giving only some technical specifications is not enough. To increase your sales, you need to give product description that is convincing and influential. Product description can convert the audience, rank higher in search results and also boost the visibility of your product.#DigitalServices

Every time a customer subscribes to the email list, it is not necessary that they will buy immediately they sign up for the email list. The customer may just be researching your product, try and understand what the customers exactly want and do not target the customers with messages related to sales, not a good idea, better to target the customer as per their interest.

Enthusiasm to experiment
A lot of retailers lack the enthusiasm to experiment. They feel it is better to follow the tried and tested methods, they need to understand that all businesses are not the same, the ideal way is to customize as per your audience and website. You need to identify, be confident and enthusiastic to experiment to acquire the preferred results.  Traj Infotech - SEO Company in Ahmedabad

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Online Marketing has made customers life simpler.

Online marketing is a marketing method to sell your products or services. These days, most customers respond to online marketing because they benefit from it. Online marketing addresses to the customers’ needs and preferences. Online marketing motivates and influences customers to log on to the company website and then buy products. Customers take the decision of purchasing products on the basis of online marketing campaigns.

Online Digital Marketing-Traj infotechThe reasons how online marketing is helpful for customers.

Shopping – People who do not have much time to go out and shop, online marketing can help customers to purchase or buy products through website. Customers need not worry about payment, they can do an online transaction, online shopping is trouble-free, fast, saves energy and also time. For all those who have a hectic lifestyle, online shopping is the best option.

Accesses to online products – While shopping, many customers have experienced that certain products are not available in the retail store and are expected sometime in the future or at a particular store or is not expected at all, etc. In a website, all products are available, the customer does not have to wait for a particular product, and they can buy or purchase the product online immediately. It is better to buy online rather than visiting a retail store.

Unique or Innovative products - These days, if retailers want to market an innovative or unique product, they prefer online marketing compare to traditional marketing because it is not expensive and also not time consuming. Through online marketing, the retailer can sell the products or services directly to the customers or end users. Customers who come across an online marketing campaign can get access to the unique products that may not be available at a retail store.

Sales – You must have noticed that certain products are not sold appropriately. The advertising message is either not communicated properly or the link is missing. For retailers selling products online, need to plan and create an online marketing campaign that explains the features of the products and also ensures the benefits of the product is presented plainly and realistically, making sure customers are happy with their purchase. A good online marketing campaign is ideal for attracting potential customers. Traj Infotech - SEO Company in Ahmedabad.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Food trucks utilize digital marketing to drive their business

Starting your own food truck or to be a part of the food truck industry, means a lot of uncertainties to deal with, you need to understand how to handle the sales, social media, inventory, customer service, etc. In the middle of all this, you may forget to create a website for your food truck.

Digital Marketing -Traj Infotech

Food truck is a small business, like a startup, it is not easy to run a startup from a business point of view. Planning plays an important role in your mobile food truck, creating a website for your food truck business, should be your highest priority. 

The reasons for a food truck website are;

You can tell your story
Most people, especially foodies, want to know about the food you plan to serve. A lot of people like to tell stories. In case, you have a unique story to tell, people won’t mind listening to it, this is why, a website plays a vital role.

You can dedicate a whole page for your story and also add information about other things, such as, the food, the location of your food truck, etc.

In these times, digital marketing is very crucial for any business. Just look around and see the number of people busy on their mobile phones. Digital marketing is very useful and the food truck owners should understand how to gain through digital marketing. 

You can use social media like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, additional benefit for your business. Digital marketing is helpful in increasing leads and sales, to have an online presence, you need a strong website.

Show your food truck
Online marketing of your food truck is a good idea. Think of uploading a lot of pictures of the food items you plan to serve, the menu and the food truck, to boost your website. Since, food truck industry is booming, making it difficult for customers to select the right food truck.  

High ranking on Google means higher visibility of your website, leading to more customers

Most people search for restaurants online. An exceptional website, good reviews and testimonials will lead to trustworthiness. To know more about Digital Marketing visit our website Traj Infotech - SEO Company in Ahmedabad.

Monday, 11 December 2017

Law Industry prefers using Digital Marketing to connect with their clients

It is crucial for law firms to have internet marketing, in today’s digital environment. To efficiently market your law firm, there are various online factors, such as, social media profile, website and content. To compete, you would require a digital marketing strategy to begin seeing the outcome.

Digital Marketing - Traj Infotech

A law firm should have a unique website. Your company website is considered the base of Digital Marketing. On your company website, you can provide content and essential information, to your targeted and current clients. Always remember that the information put up on the website, should be accurate about your law organization, its values and its practices. Your company website can also offer online answers to legal questions that are common in the law industry.

If you want your website to rank among the top websites, during search engine results, you need the right keywords and good Digital Marketing Service strategies. SEO can do well for your law firm. Using the right keywords will lead to relevant search, able to attract the attention of clients and increase the visibility of your website. Categorizing your website is important for legal firms, offering various legal services, making it easy for the clients to navigate, as per legal matter. Optimizing your web pages makes it easy to read and face competition.

Social Media
You can bank on social media for a trustworthy advertisement and word of mouth publicity. These days, most people use social media, and professional profile on Twitter, Facebook, etc, for their business. The advantages of social media is, it helps to building  relationship with potential clients and you can send messages directly or respond, tweet, comment, etc. making yourself accessible to your clients.

To show your clients your expertise, you need to publish good quality and unique information.

Besides writing about legal issues, it is useful to keep a watch on the current developments in the law industry. Blogs is the best way to keep your clients engaged.

Email marketing
Email marketing is very useful and provides a good return on investment. With so many people using email, it is perfect for advertising.

Digital marketing agency
Any professional Digital Marketing Company can help you with successful marketing strategies. Help you in achieving your goals with the best results. To know more about Digital Marketing visit our website Traj Infotech - SEO Company in Ahmedabad.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

The Automobile Industry is gaining a lot from Digital Marketing

With a lot of people preferring internet for each and every thing, just imagine how much of research people do online, whenever they need to purchase things. The automobile industry can benefit a lot from digital marketing. Let’s see how online marketing can help the automobile industry.

The reputation of your brand 
The entire automobile industry works on the reputation of the company. Some people would purchase an automobile on the basis of recommendation and not according to their personal choice. Any bad or negative review can have an effect on your sales. Even any customer service or support related problems, if not handled properly; no one would want to be associated with brands that do not worry about the after sales service. Digital Marketing can take care of the reputation of your company.

Social Media 
Instagram, Facebook, Twitter are the different platforms of social media, where people usually discuss about automobile brands, buying experience and some useful tips. You need to voice your opinion on these social media platforms to create awareness of your brand. Besides, depending on the reviews of customers, people want something more like a reliable voice among all. Through social media you can interact with your current and potential customers and also keep them engaged.

Domination of Search Engine
Online presence on search engine is very vital for an automobile brand. Most interested customers or buyers search with mostly generic keywords that help in finding your website quickly and effortlessly. You should ensure that your website has the highest ranking; a digital marketing agency can help you with it.

Surveys conducted online
It is necessary to conduct online surveys for your automobile brand to understand what your current and targeted customers like about the products or services. Conducting such surveys can be valuable before you plan to launch any new product. It is also useful to know, if there is any demand for the product in the market.

For the niche following your automobile brand online, generic content and blogs will not have all the relevant information or current events. Your blogs, videos and content will be seen by the niche segment that will ensure the influencers of the automobile industry will notice and speak about your business or brand. To know more about Digital Marketing visit our website Traj InfotechSEO Company in Ahmedabad.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

You need the right Digital Marketing Strategies to convince college students about your products or services

Marketing to college students is not an easy task; here, are a few Digital Marketing strategies to market your brand to college students.

Digital Marketing - Traj Infotech
You should think of mobile marketing
The best way to grab the attention of college going students is through good services and great price. Many students use mobile for various purposes, like, entertainment, research, project work, etc. These colleges’ students also use mobile phone to prepare for different tests; you need to give the students an access to your brand, website or product through their mobile phones. Now days, mobile phones is the best way, to ensure companies are able to reach out to college students.

Always be to the point
Students in college, have a different lifestyle, they have classes to attend, hectic schedules and a difficult life. In such an environment, a lengthy marketing campaign won’t work you need to come up with a campaign that is to the point or clear-cut, keeping in mind the creativity, relevant information, etc. 

Don’t try to be somebody else, be yourself.
A lot of college students are serious thinkers and are cautious about promotions or advertisements of products or services, college students are cynical about any company website because they have browsed or seen a lot of websites that have come and gone. In case, you try to be somebody else or portray a different picture, college students are smart and quick in sniffing that you’re a phony. The best is to be yourself and let the college students decide whether they like your website or product or service, this will tell you where you stand.

Don’t brag about your product, keep it simple
Marketing to college students could turn out to be a dream or a nightmare; it works best through word of mouth, because when college students meet each other, they usually have new topics to discuss about. In case, the students like your product, they will definitely speak about it, but, if they dislike your product, they will speak about it, too. A good digital marketing strategy, will ensure, the college students like your product and spread the word around or to the entire college campus. To know more about Digital Marketing visit our website Traj Infotech - SEO Company in Ahmedabad

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Need to be acquainted with the difference between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing

There are two types of marketing, Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing, let us see the difference between both;

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing - Traj Infotech

Decrease in cost
Television advertisements, newspaper advertisements are part of traditional marketing that cost a lot. Well as, digital marketing can decrease your cost, it helps in saving money and even new start ups can afford digital marketing. 

Time taken
Traditional marketing, takes time, it may take weeks or months, to boost your business. In digital marketing, the results are fast, it doesn’t take much time. 

The difference between Traditional Marketing Service and Digital Marketing Service is that online marketing or online advertising helps to elevate your brand image because in traditional marketing the space is limited and the incidence of advertisements is low, making digital marketing more popular. In Digital Marketing you have the whole website to advertise rather than a column in a newspaper. You can also start your own blog or create a page on social media, through this page; you can portray a steady image of your business that will help in branding. This is not possible when your advertisement is aired on radio or if posted in newspaper.

Non invasive
Traditional advertising is mostly ignored because people do not buy newspaper for the advertisements; people listen to the radio for weather forecast or music, not advertisements, Magazines are bought for its topics and content and not ads. In online advertising, the customer can choose, if they want to see the advertisement or not. 

Digital Marketing can reach out to the whole world; traditional marketing has its limitations.

Traditional marketing does not allow you to interact with your customers. Online marketing will let you connect with your customers and keep them engaged.

For immediate publicity, Digital Marketing is the best, compare to traditional marketing.

Size of the business
For Digital Marketing the size of the business does not matter. In traditional marketing, small business is at loss. 

Companies using digital marketing are ahead of companies that depend on traditional marketing because through analytics, they know what works for them and what doesn’t.

Digital Marketing gives you a possibility to improve your business from bad to good. Traditional marketing does not. For more information about Digital Marketing visit our website Traj Infotech - SEO Company in Ahmedabad

Friday, 1 December 2017

Need to revolutionize Pharmaceutical Industry through Digital Marketing

The whole world is moving towards Internet, most companies prefer online marketing, rather than the old traditional way of marketing. Imagine, if you can easily access information about sales, products or services from the retailer you like. There are chances that you may receive emails from companies, who are marketing directly to you. It is an effective tool, especially, if you compare it with the time it takes to create, shoot and also run a conventional media campaign. Companies are also using Social Media Marketing platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Digital Marketing Service - Traj Infotech

Need to build a subscriber list
There are companies who charge fees for gathering email address from your facebook page or website. This is really easy and simple to use, you don’t have to do much, just send out email marketing to your customers, it is the customer’s choice to unsubscribe or subscribe. 

Email marketing plays an important role in each and every business and will continue to grow or move forward. Aged patients no longer search information from a local newspaper or the telephone directory. Most patients prefer the internet for searching whatever information they require, it could be about the working hours of the store, the prices of medicines or the availability of medicines.

The use of Social Media 
A lot of pharmaceuticals still prefer the old, ineffective and expensive method of marketing, rather than, the new method Digital Marketing. And those who have started with online marketing use social media platform like Facebook to connect with their customers.  Facebook is not the only best option available; you need to look at other social media platforms to connect with your customers.

Use of Digital Marketing
Companies like to connect with their customers for a simple reason; to retain them. You need to implement simple and easy to use marketing strategies. In case, you plan to launch a new medicine, you can use email marketing and see the response. Certain over the counter medicines can be put up for sale. This can help you to connect with your customers and in an increase in sales. Digital marketing is cost effective and flourishing and can help you reach your targeted customers. If you need Digital Marketing Service for your company visit our website Traj Infotech - SEO Company in Ahmedabad.

Content Marketing is useful in building trust with your target audience.

Creating a story about your brand and trying to connect with your target audience, cannot be considered as the only content marketing goal...