Wednesday, 28 February 2018

The latest trends in Snapchat Marketing - Traj Infotech

These days, Snapchat is become the most popular and the best Social Media application. Most people enjoy using this application, a lot of A-listed companies or brands, such as, CNN, National Geographic, Coca-Cola and many more, also use Snapchat. They use this application to target potential customers or the audience. There are a lot of popular trends on Snapchat, one of them is video marketing, and another popular trend is highly engaging and appealing images. Snapchat marketing campaigns play a vital role in brand building. Let’s see some facts related to Snapchat, 

The latest trends in Snapchat Marketing - Traj Infotech

Snapchat is a social media application that can ensure the audience is able to see live events. Snapchat can be used for, any special offer or event. It can grab the attention of the audience through events.

Story with snaps 
Here you can post your story, with various snaps. It will make the event very interesting and will keep the audience engaged.

Sharing Promo codes of your product or services
Sharing promo codes can, create an awareness of the brand, use it now, to increase the audience.

Need certain number for the stories
Generally, about 13 stories can be posted every month; these stories are posted by various brands. This will help in creating a convincing audience, who are eagerly waiting, to read your story on a regular basis.

You can use the drawing toll, to show your creativity properly, and create a trendy masterpiece.
Number of stories and snaps
11 snaps for each story is a successful trend for your brand. This leads to efficient brand voice on Snapchat.

Face swap
You can do a face swap, with any object that you see randomly, makes Marketing on Snapchat fun and enjoyable.

Behind the scene
Let the audience get a glimpse of a company party or trip, to enhance your brand.

Opting for a Snapchat influencer, can broaden your audience, it helps in targeting groups.

You must create a Geofilter on your Snapchat, because it is a trend to ensure, successful brand building. It is fun, easy and will give you good results. 

Video and moving Emoji
Use a moving Emoji along with videos, to make marketing on Snapchat attractive.

Friday, 23 February 2018

The vital Secrets that will make sure your Marketing Content is successful.

We always prefer to do a proper research before the content goes viral, we need to use our experience and research and share it with the marketing content.

Let’s see the secrets to make your Marketing Content successful

The vital Secrets that will make sure your Marketing Content is successful.

It is important to know, the key piece of information that will make sure your content is, able to target the right audience at the right time in the right way. First, you need to understand your potential customers or targeted audience. Then create a wonderful video or blog post that will go viral immediately, and will be viewed by millions of people. Among those million, you need to ensure, at least some are your potential customers, and otherwise it would be a complete waste of efforts and time. After understanding your target audience, you need to think of an appealing content. You need to make sure the content looks good, and is the best to be uploaded on social media. If you want your content to stand out, you need to create a content that is able to speak to the audience and recognize the right audience and ensure that they look great.

Technical details
On the basis of your research, certain technical details can highlight your content. It is observed that long blog post do well and is shared a lot, compare to short blog post. When sharing information with others, it is better to have in-depth information; this is more useful than the short blog post.

You need to add images to your blog post, because images play a crucial role in content. Without images, you will not be able to grab the attention of the audience on the social media, please do not keep hope, your blog will not be shared frequently. Certain contents are shared on Social Media quite frequently, because of its popularity. 

Emotions of the audience
When emotions connect with the content, it gives the content a personal touch. Audience doesn’t prefer sharing fear or sadness, preference is given more to humor. So, you need to create content with the right emotions, to make it popular. 

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Videos play a crucial part in Marketing Strategy

Most people love stories and emotions, like, excitement, suspense, laughter and inquisitiveness that come to the mind through commercials, movies, short films and many more. It is absolutely clear, that all people love videos. You need to know, how to use videos in Digital Marketing strategy.

Videos give a personal experience, this is the reason, you can reach out, to your audience through videos, allowing the audience to sympathize, adore and relate. Every business has their own brand, and would like to express, the reasons that makes them unique and would also like to share with others or the entire world. Videos are entertaining and can put the concept in a nutshell.

It is really easy to consume and share
Earlier, stories were shared, on the walls, then through the radio, after all these, came television, which became very popular. In the early 90’s, internet had just emerged, along with multimedia, a new way to tell or share different stories with others. Videos have been around for some time, these days, the demand for videos by the audience or customers, has gone up.

These days, internet is a necessity, videos have the capacity to convey the message or information in the fasted way possible, helping the audience to understand or digest in a short period of time. Pictures are worth thousands of words, well as, videos are worth million of words. Videos are easy to consume and share.

We are all living in the digital world. As soon as, you master the current features, they add new features. What will remain the same and not change, is the story. Now days, videos is the king. With good quality camera phones in the pocket, videos are widely used.  Once you’ve an idea for your video, you need to understand, how the company will benefit from the idea, and then comes the brainstorming session and the creative concept. Certain videos, such as, product demo, can be filmed with a smart phone, Well as, the larger videos for commercial purpose would require help of a professional or an agency, who specialize in video production. So, ensure, right investment for a good return. We provide the Digital Marketing Services for your website. To know more visit our website Traj Infotech Pvt Ltd - Best SEO Company in Ahmedabad.

Monday, 19 February 2018

Ways to push more and more traffic towards your Blog post

There are some ways to enhance blog traffic, these ways are not difficult or complex to implement it is simple and easy. Most companies that are successful, and want to be recognized as industry leader, one of the ways is through blogs that are popular, get shares, reviews and comments and is able to keep customers engaged.

So, let’s see the easy and simple ways to drive traffic towards your blog

Featuring a popular person or insider in your blog post
This is the simplest and an effective method to increase traffic to your blog. You can interview a famous person from the industry or compile quotes taken from other websites. After your blog post is ready, the famous person should know that you’ve written about them. The person will be pleased that you’ve mentioned about him or her in your blog, and would like to share your blog post with their customers or audience on social media. Your blog post will be shared with potential customers or new audience, make sure, your blog post has a great content.

Blogs can be used to answer different questions
To enhance traffic to your blog, need to utilize you blog post to be able to be a part of the conversations that take place on the questions and answers forum online. Providing useful and detailed answers in the form of a write up or blog will help in exposing your blog on Quora and Linken.

Guest Article or Blog post
To promote your blog post, you need to tap new audience or customers within the same industry by Digital Marketing Service. Maybe for a blog or online magazine, you need to check with them, if they can, allow you to write blogs or articles, as a guest writer for their website. 

Speaking online and at conferences
You can speak about your blog post at conferences and online at podcasts and webinars, this will attract a lot of traffic.

Partner with others from similar industry to promote
To get more blog traffic, you can connect with someone, who you adore, and check with them if they can share your blog link and tell them that you are willing to share their blog too. For more information about Digital Marketing visit our website Traj Infotech Pvt Ltd - Best SEO Company in Ahmedabad.

Friday, 16 February 2018

The different stages before the consumer decides to buy

If possible, you should try to target the customer at every stage of the entire buying or purchasing process. To ensure, your content marketing works, you need content to target customers at each and every stage.

Let’s see the different stages before the consumer decides to buy

At this point, the customer begins, to search for information about the product. They must have heard from their friends or family or read about the product. The main aim, of Content Marketing at this stage, is to answer all questions that will crop up. In this stage, you should be able to understand the needs of your customer. It is very crucial to create awareness about your product, among your customers; you should be able to tell all your customers, what is it you plan to sell? 
After creating awareness, you should move to the subsequent stage.

Need to evaluate
Here, the customer looks at all your products, and then decides, if the product, will be able to meet their needs or not. Customers will also compare your product with other similar products that are available. It is vital to make sure that your potential customers understand the ways; your product can meet all the requirements or solve the problems. The customer should know the cost and quality to compare it with similar products. A good Content Development will lead all the customers towards sales and later, purchase of the product. 

Preference of the customer
In this stage, customers need to decide whether they like the product or not, because this decision, will lead to buying of the product. Customers may spend a lot time on the website, seeing and reading blogs, reviews and product description, then they, compare with competitors product and website. Storytelling is a successful way to market your brand, make use of your business story, to stand out, among your competitors.

Purchase of product
Need to post a good content, to tell your customers, about a sale or offer or discount, before the customer purchase’s your product.

Repurchase the product
Here, you need to cultivate brand loyalty, your customers should like your product, visit your social media page or website and repurchase your product. To know more about Content Marketing Services visit our website at Traj Infotech Pvt Ltd - Best SEO Company in Ahmedabad.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Ways to push an exceptional brand voice upwards on Social Media

Every company should clearly know all about their brand and have a clear social media presence, rather than a disorganised one. The important factors to develop your brand voice is;

Ways to push an exceptional brand voice upwards on Social Media
Look into the Company culture
The brand voice always portrays the company culture, so it is important to define the culture. You need to have some good adjectives or describing words for your company. This would be the blueprint for your brand voice; the blueprint is not enough you need to add more details to it. Like, what do your colleagues always talk or discuss about your business or brand, any exact topics that may be important for your brand and many more. Make sure, the brand voice does not discuss more than the products or services, it should express what the company or business is about?

Establishing your tone
After handling the brand voice of your company, you need to start developing the tone. A tone is separation of voice. The brand voice can be one, but the tone can be different for the diverse audience or for various situations. Tone is an aspect of brand voice. Language is the words used to speak to customers, purpose is the reason for speaking to them, and it could either be to engage, educate or entertain the users. The tone and purpose will change, when dealing with the various Social Media  Marketing profiles or with various groups of customers.

If you want brand voice to be effective, it should be authentic. One should use Social Media to converse and keep users engaged. A clear and defined brand voice will help in achieving authenticity. People posting your brand, know exactly about your brand voice.

One should always think before posting, the post should have consistency on social media. Do not post for the sake of or something that is not in sync with the business or brand voice. Users do notice such things.

To jump up from a good to an exceptional brand voice, you need to get personal with your followers. Social media makes it easy to connect with your audience, so take advantage, and talk to your followers’ one on one. Deal with complaints apologetically. To know more about Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing Services visit our website at Traj Infotech Pvt Ltd - Best SEO Company in Ahmedabad.

Friday, 9 February 2018

Content Marketing can boost your business to a higher level

It is vital to share the content on the various social media platforms, to grab the attention of the audience, towards your business, to convert interested audience to customers and close the deal with enchantment.

Content Marketing - Traj Infotech Pvt Ltd

You need to earn your position in the industry, as an expert. The content should be delivered on time, helps the readers to focus and find a solution for each and every problem. The audience would like to get back, and read the content again and again increasing the creditability of the content.

Going viral
Content that you deliver, will get the audience talking and discussing about your brand and business and also create awareness among the audience. To drive traffic towards your website, need to attract and keep the audience engaged. If the content is delivered by the right social media channel to the right audience at the right time, it can drive a lot of traffic towards your website, the content you create, should attract and engage even your tech savvy and urbane customers, towards your brand or business.

Convert your audience to customers
Need to engage with the audience on the various Social Media Marketing channels, where the audience spends majority of their time online, you can get the audience interested in reading your content, and also get them to learn about the products and services you sell, through your company blogs and website, the more the number of visitors, the more the conversion to customers.

Landing pages, email marketing, call-to-action and thanks pages can convert the audience to customers by providing content that is useful and informative.

Customer review and inbound link
It is very crucial, to grab the attention of the audience, the moment the customer begins their search, and also make sure, your presence is felt for a long period of time. You should remember that the content published and also shared will remain the same on the internet forever. Content marketing is definitely worth the effort, because it helps the audience by creating an awareness of your brand or business, also get them engaged and maintain a long term relationship. For more information related to Content Marketing visit our website Traj Infotech Pvt Ltd - Best SEO Company in Ahmedabad.

Monday, 5 February 2018

The different word of mouth marketing tactics to boost your Business

If you would like people to discuss about your brand, you need to make the most of word of mouth marketing. Let’s see the different word of mouth marketing tactics that can boost your business.

The different word of mouth marketing tactics to boost your Business

Support from Employees
It is very important to keep your employees updated with all the latest news of your products and about the company. You must share the latest projects, products, partnership, offers and many more, all of this through social media and email newsletter. The drawback is both the mediums have become noisy and the whole purpose of your message is lost. It is important to use an employee advocacy platform. Through employee advocacy platforms, you can share the latest news about your company, to make sure your employees are updated. These platforms can help your employees to share the content with their Social Media Marketing audience, in an easier manner. This will ensure, your content is able to reach out to many people and will boost your brand. 

Smarp is a good employee advocacy platform, this web application also accompanies Mobile Applications, making it simple, for adding great content to make sure your employees are informed and updated. They can even share the content again by Digital Marketing on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media channels. One can also communicate through this application. It further gives ideas for the content and also strengthens the company culture. The Smarp’s analytics can help by finding good performing topics, any internal influencer, content and channels.

External or influencers from Outside
Influencers are ideal for word of mouth marketing, audience not only trust the social media influencers, but also, follow their recommendations. The influencers need to have a lot of followers, they also should be able to keep the audience engaged; the campaign should have at least one goal. Influencers should tag your company’s social media account or page in their post, and lastly, use hashtags.

Run an online contest, if a person wants to take part or participate in the contest, they can share the micro site or landing page of the contest, to gain much more entries, this can promote the contest through word of mouth. 
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Saturday, 3 February 2018

Digital Marketing guide for a Product based Company

In the previous times, creating a marketing plan for a product based company was very clear cut. These days, you can see that the whole scenario has changed, from what it was 10 years back. 

Digital Marketing guide for a Product based Company

It is vital for every business to have a goal; you need to define the company goals before a strategy is created. The final goal of every company is to sell a huge number of products. You should try and grow the email list; this will help you to have a big database of potential customers, with whom you can build a relationship. This will help in, customers purchasing your products. You can also build your brand, so, customers think of your brand whenever they’re in a store or market. 

To make sure, your product looks the best, the most effective ways are to be a part of Social Media  Marketing platforms, which is a place to hang out for your potential customers. Besides all this, one should have general goals also, such as, adding a new product to boost the sales and profits or expansion of business to another location and setting it up. You can have many goals; digital marketing is here to help you in achieving it.

Identify channels
For a sales strategy, you need to understand the profile of your customers; this is the right time to study about it. You need to find out, where customers prefer to hang out online. All product based business is different, to sell a specialised product, for example, industrial tool, medical device or others. Customers would prefer to gather in that particular industry. It is an excellent idea to hire a photographer, to take pictures of the product. You can use it on the social media platform.

Influencers are very crucial in creating a Digital Marketing strategy; they can be helpful to market your products. For success, you should choose the right influencer

Content marketing is important to get more visitors to your website, getting people to be interested in your product and in turning these visitors to actual customers.

It is vital to change, to keep up with the competitive scenario. 

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Thursday, 1 February 2018

Various Online Marketing Strategies that can lead your company towards Success

You need to take into account the company’s internet marketing resources and business goals, before you plan an online marketing strategy. Let’s see the various online marketing strategies that can lead your company towards success.

Online Marketing Strategies - Traj Infotech

Blog – You need to have fresh blog for the website and also provide useful information, to influence the audience

Podcast – It helps to connect with your customers through your voice, if made interesting, you can get the same visitors.

Social media – Make your presence felt, on all social media channels by sharing, posting content and interacting with the audience.

Video – A video is very important to drive traffic towards your website. 

Free download – You can provide your audience with free ebook to show your expertise and also to gather email addresses.

Case studies – You should post case studies, to show your work.

Infographics – It is quick to share, understandable, useful and attractive.

Keywords – Need to research the keywords that can help people find your website. 

Influencers – You can invite a guest blogger and get a blogger to give their review on your product.

Understand your competitors – Important to understand their positive and negative points.

Negative response – Never ignore or delete any negative response or comment, you should reply calmly and offer a solution to the problem.

Listed locally – Ensure your company is listed locally.

Strategy - The best way, to make sure Online Marketing works, is by creating a perfect strategy, keeping the company’s goals in mind.

Analytics – It is good to understand what is working and what is not working.

Update blog and social media – You should update your blogs and Facebook page regularly.

Marketing to clients – The purpose of Digital Marketing Service is for clients, if you’re not able to see results, then something is not right.

Contact – All pages of your website should have your contact number.

Mobile friendly - Most people use internet on their smart phone, so, make the website mobile friendly.

Partnership – Vital to partner with other companies to promote each other.

Testimonials – Put up customer testimonials on your website.

Domain name – Always keep it simple and short.

Images – This can grab attention and build interest.

Marketing agency – You should hire an Digital Marketing Company, to help you in designing and implementing the best strategy.

Content Marketing is useful in building trust with your target audience.

Creating a story about your brand and trying to connect with your target audience, cannot be considered as the only content marketing goal...