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The latest trends in Snapchat Marketing - Traj Infotech

These days, Snapchat is become the most popular and the best Social Media application. Most people enjoy using this application, a lot of A-listed companies or brands, such as, CNN, National Geographic, Coca-Cola and many more, also use Snapchat. They use this application to target potential customers or the audience. There are a lot of popular trends on Snapchat, one of them is video marketing, and another popular trend is highly engaging and appealing images. Snapchat marketing campaigns play a vital role in brand building. Let’s see some facts related to Snapchat, 

The latest trends in Snapchat Marketing - Traj Infotech

Snapchat is a social media application that can ensure the audience is able to see live events. Snapchat can be used for, any special offer or event. It can grab the attention of the audience through events.

Story with snaps 
Here you can post your story, with various snaps. It will make the event very interesting and will keep the audience engaged.

Sharing Promo codes of your product or services
Sharing promo codes can, create an awareness of the brand, use it now, to increase the audience.

Need certain number for the stories
Generally, about 13 stories can be posted every month; these stories are posted by various brands. This will help in creating a convincing audience, who are eagerly waiting, to read your story on a regular basis.

You can use the drawing toll, to show your creativity properly, and create a trendy masterpiece.
Number of stories and snaps
11 snaps for each story is a successful trend for your brand. This leads to efficient brand voice on Snapchat.

Face swap
You can do a face swap, with any object that you see randomly, makes Marketing on Snapchat fun and enjoyable.

Behind the scene
Let the audience get a glimpse of a company party or trip, to enhance your brand.

Opting for a Snapchat influencer, can broaden your audience, it helps in targeting groups.

You must create a Geofilter on your Snapchat, because it is a trend to ensure, successful brand building. It is fun, easy and will give you good results. 

Video and moving Emoji
Use a moving Emoji along with videos, to make marketing on Snapchat attractive.

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