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Ways to monitor and track your brand - Traj Infotech

Every company should track their brand, but it is also important to interact with all your customers, never miss such an opportunity. Let us see, the ways you can expand the search.

Ways to monitor and track your brand - Traj Infotech

Monitor symbol
The @ symbol is very crucial. Whenever, a brand is mentioned on Twitter, people tend to forget the @ symbol. As a company, you should monitor both the ways, without @ and with @ symbol.

With features like, auto correct that can guess the wrong word; it leads to mistakes or mistyped words. So, keep an account of the mistakes and add all to a tracking tool.

At times, people tend to mention the domain either without or with the prefix ‘www’, also, need to check the suffix of the domain, such as, .net, .co, .com. and many more.

Prominent members
There are certain employees in an organization, who are visible and great for tracking.

If you’re planning a Marketing campaign, either for a promotion or an offer or a product launch, check anything special mentioned, about the campaign and the hashtag.

Tagline or slogan
We have seen that certain brands are known for their tagline, like, ‘Just do it’ by Nike, In case, you have a tagline, the tagline needs to be added to the brand tracking.

Respond to positive mentions
A company should get alerts for their brand, you should engage with the audience or customers and also thank customers, who give positive feedback and also provide them support.

Negative reply
A company should always monitor or keep a watch on negative words, such as, poor or bad. You should take the opportunity and convert a negative feedback into a positive feedback or experience.

Every company should have some useful templates, answers for you and the team that can be used, whenever you need to respond to feedback about your brand. For example, we are glad you like our brand, thank you for your feedback, we appreciate the support and patience, our sincere apologies for the mistake or inconvenience, Thanks a lot for sharing your experience and many more.

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