Monday, 29 January 2018

Today we are going to understand about web development .what it basically is? And what it consists of?

Web development is a term which means to develop a plain text into a website or we can say that developing a website, by various methods in this century everything is becoming online and updated, day by day the web development is getting more complex than it was before because of various innovations in this field. Web Development is a complex process not because of coding but because it even requires a proper alignment of all the element, resources required to prepare a webpage what you are seeing in front of you in the browser is the best example I can give about web development You can check the source by clicking “CTRL+U”.

Thus a basic understating about web development is given to you.

Today we are going to understand about web development .what it basically is? And what it consists of?

Now let me clear another point to you what actually web development means?

Web development means converting a simple plain text or body into a website on the worldwide web(www) or on intranet(i.e private network)Basically it means skin on the human body and designing it means providing good clothes to it. A web development requires a professional person who knows a lot about coding and proper alignment of each and every element in website building. Now a day’s many ready to made open source soft wares are available to prepare and design but still a proper understanding of HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language) is required to build a website properly as I mentioned above it is not a cup of tea for everyone to prepare a attractive website with lots of utility, preparing a basic website with just with elements like text, title, header, body etc is easy to build but in this era a lot more is required than information like it should attract the visitor visiting the site it should not have unnecessary bloatware to flood the site with the contents which are even not required.

Now let me make it clear to you about what web development consists of?

Web development requires two types of skills one is the web developer with works with scripts and another is web designer which designs the website .Both of these skills requires training and also requires lots of professionalism if the script is not written properly by the web developer than it might cause error in loading the webpage properly. What Web development basically consists of, the scripts like HTML, CSS, JAVA, PHP and many more HTML and CSS(Cascading Style Sheet) is the base of all the scripts as it does the work with scripting.HTML also consists sub elements like title ,header ,body etc and CSS consists of styling the webpage by providing various types of colour, fonts, graphics to the webpage. So, it is not a cup of tea to everyone to create a website as I mentioned further.

Now, from a common visitor concern for a particular website it must be first of all not bloated with the content which is even not necessary the other thing is that it must contain lots of utilities from a click it must open the required content displayed on the website.

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Thursday, 25 January 2018

A Perfect Headline can help you to Steal the Show

Do you want to know how to your headline can steal the show? Let’s see some strategies that help your headline stand out among others.

The word ‘you’ is vital, irrespective of the demographic or the audience. Need to understand what can make you healthy, wealthy, happy and successful. 
Using a number along with your headline will help to grab the attention of the reader. Try to use odd numbers, compare to even numbers, because odd numbers work better than even numbers.
Deepest fears
 If you can, tap into the deepest fears or an emotional need to generate inquisitiveness. Then create an article that has real and helpful information, to create eagerness among the readers.
You can use the question frequently asked by the customers or problem that the industry is facing. You can use the problem or question as your headline. Since, customers are looking for the answer or solution, it is likely that the readers will see the article.
The headlines should not be either humorous or creative. The headline should be able to convey the message clearly, for this; the headline should be short and snappy.
Use the expected words and phrases that are commonly used in the market. Need to use the right terminology and not get technical, making it difficult for the reader.  
The more you understand Digital Marketing; you will be able to craft more gripping headlines. The days, when your writer goes blank, your notebook with examples of headlines, can save the day.
Make a list of headlines that are capable to of attracting the attention of the readers, gathering headlines should become a part of your work.
The message should be clear and also specific. Whatever the topic, you should have specific information about the topic.
Emotional words
Words that can connect to the emotions of a reader, the words used are, extreme, outstanding, astonishing, and powerful and many more.
The headline should create a sense of urgency; this will force the readers to read, if they don’t, they will feel something is missing. 
You need to experiment with different types of headlines, before posting the perfect headline. 
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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Writing tips for B2C blogs that will help the blog to shine

Writing tips for B2C blogs that will help the blog to shine

Writing tips for B2C blogs that will help the blog to shine

You must add a component of surprise to your blog post, this will motivate the readers. The main reason, people refrain out from a blog, because people can make out what to expect next. Surprise your readers. Whatever, needs to be said, should be said the right way. 

When someone answers all the questions, it motivates confidence. A good writing will get into the process, and help you to wonder, follow and participate. 

When there are similar messages, because of the imagery, the next sentence, can feed on the imagination of the reader, the reader is able to invest their time. 

When specify details in your story that you plan to tell via blog post. Including details will make sure your blog shines. Technical Content Writing has room for details, like, if you have to write of a new machine, then, mechanical functions and specifications, does not create excitement. Details of the people and the entire process should be able to generate interest. 

Visual are a big complement to the good writing, it can summarize, even a complex idea. Remember, to select vibrant and relevant that can connect with the audience. 

The comic timing is not just simple, but complex too. You must add humor to add some mischief. 

This is a very important tip, it not just shape up your blog writing, but also provide substance to your audience.

Call of action
It is a direct way of suggesting the customer to add call of action. You need to direct the audience with consider, follow up or imagine. 

You can add 500 words or add about 1500 words only if it is required.

Sometimes great ideas come while on go, the company should support creativity and also for being unprompted

Reading is a very good habit; great reading practices will lead to writing practice.

Sometimes readers want to read your blog post, and sometimes these readers want to look at the major or important points.

Should consider ethics, legality and etiquette, whenever using the sources. 

Digital tools
This is ideal to tweak errors and in sentence structure. 

Writing blog post can grab the attention of the audience.
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Saturday, 20 January 2018

Your brand can Fail because of certain Digital Marketing Blunders

Your brand can Fail because of certain Digital Marketing Blunders

Your brand can Fail because of certain Digital Marketing Blunders

All make mistakes
Let’s see the different digital marketing blunders that can lead to downfall of your brand.

Online conversations
Customers want to know the authenticity in an advertisement. Most customers can understand if the brand is engaging in conversations about the topic or some current event that is part of their sales tactics, rather than anything relating to their brand value. 

Stopping a campaign because of the results, are not up to the mark.
A myth regarding Digital Marketing seems to stay and not change that the efforts you put in digital marketing, leads to quick results. It may be true, in one off case, but, most of the time, it takes a lot of efforts and time to succeed.
In spite of, working on a blog post, for months, to promote your brand, and are unable to get website traffic. Need to understand what is happening with your blog post and website traffic. You, also need to understand why other website is able to get more number of clicks. Understand the issues, and work on a strategy that will help in promoting your brand.

Research is very important in digital marketing. You cannot skip research. Before posting, you should ensure that the facts are right, or else someone will see your mistake, which can result in something disastrous. 

These days, a lot of brands want more Social Media followers, and are able to satisfy their need with a few techniques. One can know if the followers are fake, leading to negative impact on your brand. Few followers are better than fake followers.

Analytics is really crucial for the success of a digital marketing campaign. With the help of analytics, you can understand the performance of your campaign. 

Humor is a sensitive thing. Humor used properly, can be an influential tool.  

Digital marketing should focus on your customers. Your customers should find it easy to search for your website or buy product. One should be careful, not to use any offensive language on social media.

Planning and flexibility is vital for the success of a digital marketing campaign. It is essential to plan your resources, etc. before the launch of your digital marketing campaign. To know more about Digital Marketing Services visit our website Traj Infotech - SEO Company in Ahmedabad.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Ways to create a well Documented Content for your Business

Every company needs a good Content Strategy. Let’s see the ways to create a well Documented Content for your Business.

Ways to create a well Documented Content for your Business

If you plan to develop a well documented content strategy, an ideal strategy will make sure that there is no wastage of resources, especially on content that is not doing well. It may so happen that certain blogs posted, may not be suitable for your brand. According to the strategy, you can think of scheduling your blog posts with some old or appealing content.

All those companies, who do not keep a well documented Content Marketing Strategy, depends on their guess work, who will be our audience and the type of content, the audience would like to see. To reach out to your customers, you need a content that will succeed and help in converting website visitors into customers. Think of some good topics for your content that will appear appealing to your customers.

Content format and idea
Once you are able to understand your audience well, then you will be able to develop new topics. If you have a Content Development Strategy, there is no need to come up with new content ideas. The goal should be to have sufficient ideas for your content, if you can do so, you’ll be ahead and will know what contents are expected. 

Map the content and customer purchasing trip
You may need to map the content, to the potential buyer’s personality. It is important to understand, where the content will appear in the customer’s purchasing trip. Your blog post can attract people, you don’t know. Create content for potential customers and also to retain current customers. You should have the formats and topics that will attract customers, if not, need to work on it. 

You need to plan, according to the buyers. Use the information, while deciding the social medial channel, for sharing the content. You can also post on the different types of channels. Always keep a spreadsheet to list the topic of the content, the format, digital platform and the date, when to post?

Need to make an effort, to follow all your ideas that you have come up with.
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Tuesday, 16 January 2018

The essential elements for a Digital Marketing Strategy

Every company needs a good digital marketing strategy, to make sure the marketing campaign is successful. Here, are the essential elements for a Digital Marketing Strategy. 

These days, the content should be original, valuable and convincing, because content will help in organic search ranking. An original content can be shared on social media; it will ensure the audience does not lose interest. The other kind of content that a company can focus on is a blog. There are some more options, like, webinars, image gallery, infographics and podcasts. You need to get more creative and attempt the different types of formats; this will help you in understanding what sort of content will be suitable with your brand.

Smart phone
A lot companies, depend on smart phones or mobile phones, so, every brand should have mobile capabilities, to grab the attention and also retain the customers. Now days, smart phone users has gone up. In case, you do not have a great mobile strategy, you can miss out a lot of potential customers. Start working on a smart phone strategy, to make your website mobile friendly. You need to have mobile applications, use mobile advertisements and create a wonderful user experience. You need some unique features that will cater to mobile users.

Never underestimate paid social advertisements. You can set a certain budget, to test, whether your advertisement is influencing the website traffic and the conversion rate. The return on investment through paid Social Media Marketing is very high. But, only target those users, who will be interested to buy your product. 

Email marketing
Email marketing is an effective way to drive traffic towards your website, create a good email marketing strategy to get a lot of customers. Two to three emails a week, should be fine. It is very important to segment your audience, this helps in targeting the audience on the basis of activity and interest, and it reduces the risk of losing any customer. Pay more attention to the subject of your email. A good subject line will lead to high open rate.

If an influencer likes your brand, it is good to build a relationship with the influencer by sharing the content on various social media platforms. Influencers are essential for a growing business.  To know more about Digital Marketing visit our website Traj Infotech - SEO Company in Ahmedabad.

Friday, 12 January 2018

Key to a Great Script for a Fantastic Marketing Video - Traj Infotech

A great script is required for every marketing video, here, are some of the key elements to a great script for a fantastic marketing video. 

Key to a Great Script for a Fantastic Marketing Video - Traj Infotech

Knowing the audience and also addressing them
A video should be produced, in a way that is for a particular audience. If the video is produced for all or everyone, it will not appeal the audience.  So, before writing a script for your marketing video, you need to understand your audience, it is crucial to know each and everything about you audience or targeted customers, who are interested in viewing your marketing video. Make sure that your video is able to keep the potential customers engaged. You need to communicate with your audience and try and develop a trustworthy relationship. 

Your marketing message should be put across within the first few seconds
These days, the attention span of people is getting lesser and lesser. The attention of your audience is pulled in different Social Media Marketing platforms, like, Facebook, Email, YouTube, Twitter, mobile phone, television and many more. Now days, the attention span is just 20 minutes. You just get 60 seconds for a marketing video. So, you need to put your message across within the first few seconds itself. It is great to use, the old tested and tried method that journalist used. They always knew that readers will never read beyond the first paragraph. So, all vital information was put in the first paragraph, the rest would not be so important. In short, you need to structure the online video in a similar manner. 

Visuals and words
The visuals and the words used in Digital Marketing your video should be closely related. Make sure the words are able to explain the visuals or images and the images should be able to illustrate the words and reinforce it for a bigger impact. Visuals and words should balance each other. 

Story telling
A great marketing video should be able to tell a convincing story. Ensure the story is not lengthy; it should just have all the right elements to make a good story. A good story can make potential customers understand better. 

Humor is an effective tool to put across your message and also can make your marketing video memorable. To know more about Digital Marketing visit our website Traj Infotech - SEO Company in Ahmedabad.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Quick Growth of Different Web Development Technologies - Traj Infotech

Web development technology is growing really fast in a short span of time. This technology has been helpful. If you want to reap the benefits, the technology should be implemented in the early stages. Need to understand the latest trends and try and incorporate it as soon as possible. But which trend to implement is a tough decision; let’s see the popular web development trends.

Quick Growth of Different Web Development Technologies - Traj Infotech
Communication with the help of chatbots on different Social Media Platforms has gone up. Even the AI and machine learning is also becoming smart and solves difficult problems. 

These days, interactive videos, virtual reality videos, 360 videos and 360 images are in trend. It provides better user experience and helps in sales. 

Internet of things
A set of devices that can be connected to the internet, can provide people with a great experience and improve the accuracy and efficiency of various gadgets, used in smart homes. 

Web apps
Smart phones drive a major chunk of web traffic, these apps makes it faster and also easier to use websites. 

To design a Website that is mobile friendly, you need images, speed, layout, design, animations and others, to make it look good.

Blockchain, a new technology that makes use of the standard data storage and is helpful in storing data in various locations in different parts of the world.

Push notification is the latest trend used in web and smart Phone Applications. It can send messages directly to users, like, new blog, sale, etc. It is also helpful in increase in visits, rise in sales and high engagement. 

Motion UI
It is an animation that is smooth and is getting to be popular and is essential for websites.

Voice user interface
This is popular and is accessible on personal computers, smart phones and on many more platforms. It is to understand user requirement and also provide results.

Single page website
This trend is simple and not complex; users can either use links or scroll to navigate to other segments of the website.

It conveys message rapidly and attracts audience and helps in rise in sales.

It is very important for the attacks happening these days. To know more about Web Development visit our website Traj Infotech - SEO Company in Ahmedabad.

Monday, 8 January 2018

A Few Tips on how to transform your Social Media Image

It is very vital to have a great social image. Let’s see a few tips on how we can transform your social media image.

Social Media Marketing - Traj Infotech
Reliable branding
The font, feel and color of the images should always be consistent with your brand. Usage of the same color will increase the brand image. Besides, consistent feel and look of your brand, will show the brand is more established and stable. Most companies that are doing well with Social Media Marketing, has an image that is apt for their brand. The images should be colourful, stylish and bright. You should use the right style and color that will help your brand image.

Need to adjust the images according to the various social media platforms
Do not get worried, there is no need to create different types of images for the various social media platforms. You need to take care of the text, account size and resolution, while planning which image to share on what social media platform. 

Images on Instagram are square, so it needs a different kind of planning, let me tell you, planning for Instagram is not the same as planning for Twitter or Facebook.

You should study basic design values
The basic values of design remain the same, like, beauty and aesthetics. Learning ways to fit in space, balance, color and contrast will create attractive images that leave a lasting impression in people’s mind.

Those days, images and text were not put together, but, these days, images include text, this is required for social media. Right strategy is useful for both text and design. Try and keep it simple, few points or a sentence, inspirational quotes, hashtag and others. 

Repetition means usage of the same color, logo, font and style. The power of repetition can be used for the various kinds of posts. 

If you share images, it will increase the conversion rate. You should not clutter your images with a lot of text. Create an image that can grab the attention of the audience. One should be careful and also selective with whom to share or tweet the images. To know more about Digital Marketing visit our website Traj Infotech - SEO Company in Ahmedabad.

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Introduction of smart phones has changed the scenario of social media

Introduction of smart phones has changed the scenario of social media. These days, people give so much of importance to social media. It plays an important role in our lives. People are hooked to social media. Due to, Social Media our lives are becoming more and more public because we share a lot of events on different social media websites.

According to a survey, about billion of people are active on the different social networking sites across the globe. 

Introduction of smart phones has changed the scenario of social media

In the year 2000, the concept of internet was quite new and a lot of websites that are known to us today had just started. The earlier websites were MySpace, Orkut and Now days, the popular websites are Twitter, Sapchat, Facebook and Instagram, these are used by different age groups of people. It is become a way to connect with people around the world.

MySpace, Orkut, MSN Messenger and many more were a part of the social media trends that shaped the lives of people. You could communicate and chat with a lot of people through Hotmail messenger, these days, it is the Facebook messenger. Video calling is available with Skype, for this people need to have speakers and a webcam. There are other applications that can be used for video calling, like Tango, WhatsApp, Houseparty or FaceTime, where you can connect with people.

With more and more applications being introduced like Snapchat and Instagram, it has completely changed social media. These days, people can buy books, furniture, clothes, footwear, accessories, grocery, fruits, vegetables and order food from different restaurants. All you have to do is download the application onto your smart phone.

Live streaming can keep users engaged and is another type of content. Another trend is photo, where the user has a complete view of the photograph. 

Most topmost brands are active on different social media channels. Social media marketing has a lot of capability to develop brand loyalty, for online advertisements, increase conversion rate and recognition. Most companies are using social media to create brand awareness. Anybody with a smart phone has access to various social media platforms. The best way to connect with people is through social media.        Traj Infotech SEO Company in Ahmedabad

Thursday, 4 January 2018

The ways Influencer marketing can change your business

Any business that plans to collaborate with influencer marketing can help their brand, through access with engaged and relevant audience.

Now days, influencer marketing is becoming quite popular, let’s look at some of the benefits of influencer marketing.

The ways Influencer marketing can change your business
Statistics - Influencer marketing also creates sales, the same way like a paid advertisement, it also has high retention rate. Influencer takes time to convince customers, but will help increasing your sales and in providing customers with higher duration value.

Network - Through influencer marketing you can get in touch with one influencer and be able to access about a thousands of people, this is much better than marketing to thousands of people. For an effective influencer marketing, you need to choose the perfect influencer, the correct message and a good content.

Brand awareness - Selecting the perfect influencer will help in creating awareness of your brand rapidly. Influence marketing is useful especially to people with new business. It can attract all those who are fighting for a position in this competitive world. A positive review of a blog or a lot of positive feedback on social media, by the right kind of people can highlight even unknown brands and turn these brands into a nationwide spotlight.

Any customer trying to get into sales funnel of your brand, after getting in touch with an Influencer, shows that the customer is ready to buy the product. Influencer marketing reduces the time spent on sales because the potential customer has already heard praises about your product and is ready to buy. So, you don’t have to spend too much time on preparing a strategy.

Influencers can push you to leader position really fast. Influencer marketing can lessen your time between creating content and being accepted by potential customers, but it cannot stop you from creating a great content.

Reach out to customers
Influencer marketing has the authority to market your message to a wide audience on different networks, this helps in reaching out to audience that are scattered.

Word of mouth
 Marketing through word of mouth depends on trust and the relationship. Influencers have both; they help in rapid growth of the brand through word of mouth marketing.
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Monday, 1 January 2018

The innovative and most recent SEO trends for 2018

The most recent SEO trends

The innovative and most recent SEO trends for 2018

Back link
Back link is a value addition to user experience; you should ensure that you are able to link to only reputable or good sources and not go with links that will lead the visitors to various other directories. Back link plays a very vital role in SEO strategy and it also important if you want to reach higher ranking in Google.

Mobile pages
I am sure, a lot of people just don’t like the idea of waiting, especially, when it comes to a web page loading, think of accelerated mobile pages (AMP) that will make sure your browsing for web pages on your mobile to become more faster.

Voice Search
Many users have started accessing the web through voice commands. In 2018, we are expecting voice search to grow quite rapidly. The search engine optimization content strategy should use new phrases with a tone that is more conversational.

In the year 2015, people started using their smart phones for internet search. It is very important for a business to have a website that is responsive and works on smart phones and tablets. Otherwise you will lose out on your current and potential customers. Especially, Commerce business should make sure all visitors are able to see and scroll through the products more successfully and smoothly.

In the year 2018, you’ll see many companies focusing on improvement of their brand presence. It is essential to list you brand among the high rated search engine results pages, this will result in more and more customers buying your products or using your services. It gives your company the opportunity to collaborate with other organizations of the same industry. Social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook are a great way to spread a word around about your brand.

In the year 2018, pictures will communicate better than words. Include videos in the SEO strategy, to keep the audience engaged. Add right and good elements and visuals. A good video can create an awareness of your brand.

Web pages should have interesting, original, unique and high quality content, to establish a strong brand presence and increase the number of visitors to your website.
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Content Marketing is useful in building trust with your target audience.

Creating a story about your brand and trying to connect with your target audience, cannot be considered as the only content marketing goal...