Monday, 8 January 2018

A Few Tips on how to transform your Social Media Image

It is very vital to have a great social image. Let’s see a few tips on how we can transform your social media image.

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Reliable branding
The font, feel and color of the images should always be consistent with your brand. Usage of the same color will increase the brand image. Besides, consistent feel and look of your brand, will show the brand is more established and stable. Most companies that are doing well with Social Media Marketing, has an image that is apt for their brand. The images should be colourful, stylish and bright. You should use the right style and color that will help your brand image.

Need to adjust the images according to the various social media platforms
Do not get worried, there is no need to create different types of images for the various social media platforms. You need to take care of the text, account size and resolution, while planning which image to share on what social media platform. 

Images on Instagram are square, so it needs a different kind of planning, let me tell you, planning for Instagram is not the same as planning for Twitter or Facebook.

You should study basic design values
The basic values of design remain the same, like, beauty and aesthetics. Learning ways to fit in space, balance, color and contrast will create attractive images that leave a lasting impression in people’s mind.

Those days, images and text were not put together, but, these days, images include text, this is required for social media. Right strategy is useful for both text and design. Try and keep it simple, few points or a sentence, inspirational quotes, hashtag and others. 

Repetition means usage of the same color, logo, font and style. The power of repetition can be used for the various kinds of posts. 

If you share images, it will increase the conversion rate. You should not clutter your images with a lot of text. Create an image that can grab the attention of the audience. One should be careful and also selective with whom to share or tweet the images. To know more about Digital Marketing visit our website Traj Infotech - SEO Company in Ahmedabad.

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