Monday, 28 May 2018

Influencer marketing is a must to convey your brand’s message

Influencer marketing plays a very crucial role in promoting your business. Before, going ahead with influencer marketing, you need to understand what influencer marketing is all about?

Influencer Marketing - Traj Infotech

A business uses influencer marketing, to focus on delivering the brand’s caption or message, to the audience.

Business first needs to convince influencers, to strengthen and spread out the brand’s message, and to convert it into positive actions, such as, clicking, sharing or buying from potential customers. 

Influencer marketing works well with, other two forms of digital marketing that is Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

Influencer marketing is a powerful tool that can influence as many people as possible, through two ways traditional media or social media.

Influencer, is a person with, enormous fan following, active on social media, has made his presence felt online, on blogs and social media websites, and also has the ability to influence people. Influencer is also known as brand promoters and re-commanders. 

These days, people do not trust the brand content. Hence, it is much better to get the audience to engage with influencer marketing. Once you have understood, what exactly influencer marketing means. Then, the next step is, to find the right influencer, to promote your brand or business.

It is very vital, to discover the correct influencer, who is right for brand or business, and can help you with your advertising campaigns and in reaching maximum efficiency and trustworthiness. Before selecting the correct influencer, every brand or business, should look into the following factors;

  • The number of fan following the influencer has, and how many people the influencer can reach?
  • Who are the people who follow the influencer, the location of the audience?
  • Are the people active online, and is the influencer able to keep the audience engaged and do the followers re-tweet, share and comment.
  • Is the influencer active on various social media platforms, and also need to know the frequency of different posts.
  • Does the influencer have any work experience, as an influencer promoting brands?
  • It is crucial to understand the performance, of the influencer, especially, about their performance in their previous campaigns.

Today, with so much of competition in the Digital Marketing world, you need to run, to grab the attention of your potential customers. Go ahead, and find and select the correct influencer, who has good fan following, is active on different Social Media platforms and has the experience to promote your brand or business, to as many people as possible. 

Make sure, your brand benefits, from such an influential marketing strategy. Influencer Marketing by Traj Infotech - Best SEO Company in Ahmedabad.

Friday, 25 May 2018

Startling ways that can raise the Sales

If you’re looking at digital marketing to increase the number of conversions and push the sales for your product, then you need to start from email marketing, creating a YouTube video, converting an abandoned online shopping cart into sales, promoting your product on social media, sending replenishment emails, to remind customers, who are low in stock or needs more stock. 

Next, the positive or good ratings and reviews by different customers, to showcase along with your product on your web page and lastly, the influencer, identifying the right influencer, on the basis, of their profile on social media, then, getting the influencer to promote your product.

Digital Marketing Services - Traj Infotech

Digital Marketing needs to be pushed endlessly, with digital marketing, you will get to see results, also increase the growing web traffic, sales, conversion rate and shares. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing can never become obsolete. It is a great way to drive web traffic, organise, subscriber, schedule mails, measure performance of campaigns and plan and create email marketing campaigns. 

Hover advertisements

Do you remember pop ups? Another wonderful thing, like pop up that will not get blocked, is the hover ads. These advertisements appear on web page and are small, it invites more clicks, will take the browser either to the landing page or product pages. Hover ads will help with quick growth and rise in exposure.

Creating YouTube Video

The barrier that comes in the path of a customer’s shopping online is the sense of uncertainty, about the services or products. These days, most customers do not like reading complicated and lengthy product descriptions. Hence, it is better to create YouTube videos. 

Abandoned Cart

A lot of sales are lost due to abandoned cart, where customers add various products, in their online shopping cart, and do not pay for it. The reasons could be slow loading of web page, hidden charges, reliability. You need to monitor and send an email motivating customers to purchase the products in the abandoned cart.

Promotion on social media

To push the sales of your product on Social Media Marketing platform, you need to share relevant information, about your product, and also run some exciting events and contest, where the audience can click photo with the purchased product or write an interesting write up.

Refill emails

If customers tend to purchase items repeatedly, a replenishment email is sent to customers, who are low in stock or their product is nearing exhaustion. 

Ratings and Reviews

Invest time in getting good rating and reviews; showcase all of them on your web page. Positive ratings and reviews leads to reliability and confidence. 


There are several tools that can help you, in identifying the best influencers for your brand. You can check their profile, on social media and reach out.  Need to create an interesting content for influencers to promote it. 

This are the ways  that can raise the sales by Traj Infotech Pvt Ltd - SEO Company in Ahmedabad.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Right strategies are needed to help in the promotion of your Mobile Application

Most mobile application developers, build mobile applications, but are not able to understand the correct strategy for promoting their product or services.

Right strategies are needed in the promotion of Mobile Application - Traj Infotech

Here we are, to explain you the Digital Marketing Strategies that is needed for your mobile application.

Create a site
People want to know, how a website can help in promoting their mobile application.  It is very simple. A lot of people want to know or see if the mobile application is real, you need to show them that the mobile application built by you is absolutely legitimate; you need to create a website, sharing information and details about the product. You can also include some images or detailed information or screenshots of the mobile application.

Influencer Marketing
These days, the strategy that most companies are opting for the development of Mobile Application, is influencer marketing. Here, you need to hire an expert, who can speak or write about the mobile application, a way to promote your product to the audience.  

Offline Promotion
Besides, selling your product online, offline promotion also helps in promoting your app, by spreading the message or word around through leaflets, flyer, etc. Utilize the top qualities, when planning to promote offline. 

Social Media
Digital marketing strategy used for your mobile application can be used in two ways, paid and organic. Organic, stresses on publishing blogs, videos and photos more often, well as, paid can push an interest among people.  Paid results more in click through rates means all those people who click on the offer, will ultimately download the mobile application.

Interview or tech review or press release
This kind of an approach will create a buzz about your mobile application. You can do a press release or feature a review or invite a guest blogger to use the mobile application and write about the app.

App store
App Store Optimization, also known as, ASO, is Search Engine Optimization of mobile, to ensure everything is fine,

  • The app name should be unique.
  • Use relevant keywords in the content.
  • A clear and informative description about the mobile app.
  • For highlights, you can use videos and screenshots.
  • Need people to give a positive review and rating.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Inbound Marketing is a must to get Bigger

Inbound marketing, is all about informative content, grabbing the attention of potential customers, building trust, keeping customers engaged and ensuring customers are satisfied. Basically, all elements have the same goal, their business should be able to connect with the audience and be able to establish a two way communication with their customers, leading to an increase in sales.

Digital Marketing Services - Traj Infotech

These days, the number of internet users has gone up tremendously, people use internet for multiple purposes, like, for products, hotels, information, etc. The quick rise of social media lead to inbound marketing, starting with content marketing. The different tools used in inbound marketing are, Search Engine Optimization, Pay per click, Social Media Marketing, Email marketing and Blogging. The advantages of inbound marketing are:

It saves cost

Every business always thinks about cost, inbound marketing is ideal, to generate more leads and is also far cheaper compare to outbound marketing. It is very crucial for companies with a small budget and who want to spend their money more efficiently. 

It will last for long

Inbound marketing not just connects with the customers or have a temporary relationship, inbound marketing is long lasting, only if you’re able to establish faith. A good content and Search Engine Optimization, takes some time, but is useful to increase web traffic and your ranking. Social media, like, Facebook can grab the attention of the audience and stay connected with potential customers. In case, of email marketing, once you have established trust, sending an email becomes much easier. 

Reaching out to new audience and market

Through inbound marketing you can reach new audience, you can also expand or spread out with various campaigns. Through inbound marketing you can segment the market, because it is relevant and targeted, it also pushes the return on investment higher.

It is instant

People, who want to buy your product, can search and find your company website, the customer can read the content that has all the required information, about the product, the information is reliable and the product can be trusted and purchased.

Building awareness and authority

Inbound marketing can create awareness of your brand and make it popular, increases the conversion rate and sales. Hubspot can manage inbound marketing; it educates people and is considered the authority source of inbound marketing. For more information visit our website at Traj Infotech Pvt Ltd - SEO Company in Ahmedabad.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

The changes you need to implement in SEO

The Search Engine Optimization plays an important role in building the website, so it is crucial to start working on it as early as possible, because Search Engine Optimization can help in website ranking with different search engines, and can also increase the conversion rate. It helps the website to be among the top ten, while using Google Search Engine. To improve your website ranking, you need to work on keywords and analytics; SEO also plays an important part in web designing.

Here, we are talking about the new responsive Web Design. It is all set, it just needs to start. Technically, you need to have a responsive web design, so start working on it. In a responsive web design, the website has the capability, to reconfigure and resize the design, so that it is able to fit, whatever device is being used, such as, desktop, tablet, mobile or iPad. 

For updating Content, a platform is used that lets the site developer and owner, to go in, without any problem and make the required changes on the website, in this case, there is no need for software. CMS stands for Content Management Systems, with the help of Content Management Systems, the dependency is reduced, on site developers and web designers, to get in and change or update each and every minute changes on the website. CMS is simple and quick to use, means you need to make sure the website remains fresh and is updated according to the terms.

Consider the website as an extension of your business. Remember, the website should not be old or have too many words or be less informative or boring. It should have a personal touch and be interactive, reliable and applicable. The content needs to change on regular basis, so that customers do not forget the brand or business. The content should always be up to date, add images, keep the audience engaged and make the content interesting. All new services and products and offers and discounts need to be highlighted and also explained properly. For more information visit our website Traj Infotech Pvt Ltd - SEO Service Provider Company in Ahmedabad.

Monday, 7 May 2018

Some hidden secrets for the success of Tourism industry

These days, various industries, use digital marketing for their business, because the website has a huge impact on the audience.

Let us understand the difference between tourism industry and the other industries. Tourism industry does not sell concrete products, what they sell is an overall experience that creates excitement. Tourism industry definitely needs a website, to promote their wonderful experience and the destinations or places with all exciting offers or discounts.

Catching the attention
A tourism industry website should always be a mixture of entertainment and imagination. It is very crucial to upload photographs, videos and graphics, allowing prospective customers to view the destination, and understand what all facilities, services, etc, they can provide or offer. These days, videos have become quite popular; it is the future of Digital Marketing. Videos are natural, appealing, can keep the audience engaged, informative and also enticing. This is the best to make sure that your tourism campaign is successful.

Visual content processes much faster compare to text, giving your brand or business an opportunity to present an image or picture to the audience in a rapid and efficient manner. Most people learn visually, people learn from the website through visuals, photos, infographics and video display. Pictures are always more expressive than words.

Visuals are useful
Tourism industry websites should be resourceful and provide valuable and relevant information about places or destinations to prospective customers or visitors, describing the special features about the place, any offer or discount and the reasons why more and more people should visit the place or destination.

Website is a resourceful and powerful tool that persuades people, keeps them engaged and also encourages people to keep visiting again and again. The website should promote the destination, by selling the wonderful experience, with various ideas for enjoyment, must visit places, any upcoming program or events and other relevant and vital information, making your destination one of its kind.

Provide customers what they need
A website for a tourism company is a vital marketing plan that focus on the efforts of the audience needs and wants. Provide your customers with useful information. Many people will have a lot of questions about the destination; you need to provide them with relevant answers. For more information visit our website Traj Infotech Pvt Ltd.

Friday, 4 May 2018

Free online ways that can help in promoting your Brand

Internet provides a platform for marketing your brand. It is crucial to understand the importance of internet and what steps to follow. When people start a new business, they tend to spend a lot on marketing, especially during the early days or stages, if you want your brand to get noticed, there are many effectual ways that will make sure your business or brand stands out.

Let’s have a look at the numerous ways that will support your brand online, without spending money.

Using local services
You should register your company on Google. It will allow your customers, to find your company easily. You just need to fill a form and then, register, next, a verified confirmation will be sent, through phone call or email. It is absolutely free and is definitely worth taking sometime out to set it up. Besides Google, other options are Microsoft’s Bing and Yahoo! Local.

Social media
Do not consider social media as a tool to help your business get coverage. Social Media Marketing is a necessity, for your business, where you need to invest more. You can try different social media channels, like, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. for direct networking with your customers and to promote your start up.

The audience can see the name of your company through people following the blog. Blogs is the right way to connect with your customers directly. If you want people to stay connected with your brand, blogs need to be posted frequently, because a neglected or an inactive blog is worthless.

Usage of multimedia
Youtube gives you an opportunity to upload a creative and free promotional video for your brand. To succeed, the content should be relevant, simple and informative; this will help increase the number of viewers. 

Need to understand Search Engine Optimization, for higher ranking of your website on all search engines.

For every newsworthy achievement, you can have a press release; many websites can help you with the press release. Media is a powerful tool for publicity.

You should join a community, be active and contribute often. It is a way to promote your brand in a submissive manner, can promote by adding a link, along with your sign off. For more information visit our website Traj Infotech Pvt Ltd.

Content Marketing is useful in building trust with your target audience.

Creating a story about your brand and trying to connect with your target audience, cannot be considered as the only content marketing goal...