Friday, 25 May 2018

Startling ways that can raise the Sales

If you’re looking at digital marketing to increase the number of conversions and push the sales for your product, then you need to start from email marketing, creating a YouTube video, converting an abandoned online shopping cart into sales, promoting your product on social media, sending replenishment emails, to remind customers, who are low in stock or needs more stock. 

Next, the positive or good ratings and reviews by different customers, to showcase along with your product on your web page and lastly, the influencer, identifying the right influencer, on the basis, of their profile on social media, then, getting the influencer to promote your product.

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Digital Marketing needs to be pushed endlessly, with digital marketing, you will get to see results, also increase the growing web traffic, sales, conversion rate and shares. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing can never become obsolete. It is a great way to drive web traffic, organise, subscriber, schedule mails, measure performance of campaigns and plan and create email marketing campaigns. 

Hover advertisements

Do you remember pop ups? Another wonderful thing, like pop up that will not get blocked, is the hover ads. These advertisements appear on web page and are small, it invites more clicks, will take the browser either to the landing page or product pages. Hover ads will help with quick growth and rise in exposure.

Creating YouTube Video

The barrier that comes in the path of a customer’s shopping online is the sense of uncertainty, about the services or products. These days, most customers do not like reading complicated and lengthy product descriptions. Hence, it is better to create YouTube videos. 

Abandoned Cart

A lot of sales are lost due to abandoned cart, where customers add various products, in their online shopping cart, and do not pay for it. The reasons could be slow loading of web page, hidden charges, reliability. You need to monitor and send an email motivating customers to purchase the products in the abandoned cart.

Promotion on social media

To push the sales of your product on Social Media Marketing platform, you need to share relevant information, about your product, and also run some exciting events and contest, where the audience can click photo with the purchased product or write an interesting write up.

Refill emails

If customers tend to purchase items repeatedly, a replenishment email is sent to customers, who are low in stock or their product is nearing exhaustion. 

Ratings and Reviews

Invest time in getting good rating and reviews; showcase all of them on your web page. Positive ratings and reviews leads to reliability and confidence. 


There are several tools that can help you, in identifying the best influencers for your brand. You can check their profile, on social media and reach out.  Need to create an interesting content for influencers to promote it. 

This are the ways  that can raise the sales by Traj Infotech Pvt Ltd - SEO Company in Ahmedabad.

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