Monday, 29 January 2018

Today we are going to understand about web development .what it basically is? And what it consists of?

Web development is a term which means to develop a plain text into a website or we can say that developing a website, by various methods in this century everything is becoming online and updated, day by day the web development is getting more complex than it was before because of various innovations in this field. Web Development is a complex process not because of coding but because it even requires a proper alignment of all the element, resources required to prepare a webpage what you are seeing in front of you in the browser is the best example I can give about web development You can check the source by clicking “CTRL+U”.

Thus a basic understating about web development is given to you.

Today we are going to understand about web development .what it basically is? And what it consists of?

Now let me clear another point to you what actually web development means?

Web development means converting a simple plain text or body into a website on the worldwide web(www) or on intranet(i.e private network)Basically it means skin on the human body and designing it means providing good clothes to it. A web development requires a professional person who knows a lot about coding and proper alignment of each and every element in website building. Now a day’s many ready to made open source soft wares are available to prepare and design but still a proper understanding of HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language) is required to build a website properly as I mentioned above it is not a cup of tea for everyone to prepare a attractive website with lots of utility, preparing a basic website with just with elements like text, title, header, body etc is easy to build but in this era a lot more is required than information like it should attract the visitor visiting the site it should not have unnecessary bloatware to flood the site with the contents which are even not required.

Now let me make it clear to you about what web development consists of?

Web development requires two types of skills one is the web developer with works with scripts and another is web designer which designs the website .Both of these skills requires training and also requires lots of professionalism if the script is not written properly by the web developer than it might cause error in loading the webpage properly. What Web development basically consists of, the scripts like HTML, CSS, JAVA, PHP and many more HTML and CSS(Cascading Style Sheet) is the base of all the scripts as it does the work with scripting.HTML also consists sub elements like title ,header ,body etc and CSS consists of styling the webpage by providing various types of colour, fonts, graphics to the webpage. So, it is not a cup of tea to everyone to create a website as I mentioned further.

Now, from a common visitor concern for a particular website it must be first of all not bloated with the content which is even not necessary the other thing is that it must contain lots of utilities from a click it must open the required content displayed on the website.

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