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The hottest Content Marketing Trends for the year 2018

Content marketing plays a very important role for increasing the sales of a business. Some of the key trends that did well in 2017 and seem to make way for 2018, these are the trends to watch for in the coming year 2018.

The hottest Content Marketing Trends for the year 2018 _Traj _Infotech

Business would like to invest in content that is original
These days, competition is getting tougher day by day, for the brand to continue, they need original content that will help in attracting the audience and also in keeping the customers happy or satisfied. Even the biggest brands give importance to consistent and original content. Copying content is a absolute ‘NO’. Your content should be original, simple, easy to read, grammatically correct, do not repeat words too many times, write in paragraphs and keep the lines in the content short and not lengthy. #ContentMarketing

Transparency is a must
Customers expect authentic, dedicated and transparent content. Brands should start focusing on transparency. According to Google search a lot of brands ran into trouble because of lack of transparency and disclosure. To build trust and maintain it, among your potential and current customers, you need to make sure that all contents created by you, whether it is for your company website or social media or others should be fully transparent.

Keywords – Whatever contents you create, do not forget to include or add the vital keywords of the content. Always use target keywords in your content.

Link – You should link with other good quality websites that will help in boosting your company website.

Media – Media plays a crucial part in Content marketing, people who are not keen in content, for them you should add images and videos. Media is ideal for user experience and in improving your brand value with search engine Google. These days, there is an increase demand for live video; you can still find pre recorded videos. Live videos was used in 2016 and 2017, but will become more popular in the year 2018. People prefer watching live videos rather than reading blogs. Live video can work for all industries. So, reap the benefits of live video before others do.
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