Friday, 9 March 2018

A few tips that is required for marketing mobile applications.

For companies planning to develop a mobile application, it is not going to be an easy task, making your mobile application stand out among many other Mobile Applications and ensuring more and more people use your mobile application, is a tough task to achieve.

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Let’s look into a few tips that can help your mobile application be successful.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is a must for all products and services. Whenever you go into your Facebook account, you will get to see likes or shares or ads for some applications, something of your interest. Facebook is an ideal platform to target your potential customers, this will help in increasing downloads and will also keep your audience engaged, resulting in more purchase and installation.

It is crucial to spend time and put efforts to enhance your mobile application on Social Media.


Influencer marketing plays a vital role in mobile applications; it is a great way to grab the attention of the audience. Firstly, you need a good influencer, for your mobile application. Influencers will either post a blog or tweet, about your mobile application; they will help in building anticipation, for the release of your application, giving users a good chance to download, immediately after the application goes live.


Before your mobile application is released on a public domain, allow the influencer to try the application. It is good to have a great start, but to continue, you may have to encourage your users, to share your mobile application with others, and you can also add an incentive, such as, offer, discount or access to select content, which is a powerful method.

Application store

Your mobile application can either be an IOS or android or both, you need to ensure that the keywords and the language utilized is right. Your application can be optimized for Google Play store, Amazon store, Application store and more.


Ratings of an application is important, so, you should encourage your users, to rate the application after using it, reminders or pop ups can be used for rating, even application analytic tool can be used, to create a list of engaged customers or users, who for sure will rate your application.

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