Saturday, 31 March 2018

Ways to ensure your Customers are surprised and delighted

Who doesn’t like surprises? Giving someone a surprise is a wonderful option, because people love surprises.  Let’s look at some really good options to surprise the audience.

Through this way, a brand can easily reach out to the audience, showing them they care and always listen to them. It is important to connect with the right audience, if your product is for young professionals, try a search, for the hashtag, young professionals or search on twitter with the correct keyword; you’ll be able to find young professionals struggles, laughable blunders or some great moments. You can help the young professional by offering your product to them, the young professionals will appreciate the product and share it with others, and this will help in creating an awareness of your brand or promoting your brand.

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The best surprise is not to have rules and pick whatever you need or want. If you’re company is into cosmetics, you can ask a few fans or users questions about cosmetic products and then surprise them with something good.

Thank you
All your fans are like your lawyers, you need to appreciate all your fans, by sending a small thank you note. Audience who love your product will speak highly of your product and will continue to spread the word around. Reach out to such people, find them and send them a thank you note.

You need to respond to your customers inquiries within a few minutes, responding within 5 minutes will help, in reaching the potential customer and in selling your product; this is what your business needs. Customers prefer everything quickly, so your response should be fast. Customers will be surprised to see how attentive your business is, because this is the kind of attention, customers are looking for. Quick response will make sure your business is set apart from the competition.

Customer service is very important, you should use email marketing to check with your customers and also see if the customer is fine with your product. Sending a personal email to the customer is really useful for your business. You can also send email for occasions, like, birthdays, holiday or festivals.

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