Thursday, 8 June 2017

Be Selective With Your Keywords even When You Go for Pay Per Click Traffic

What is Pay per Click?

PPC (Pay Per Click) is the campaign organized by search engines like Google and Bing which charges from businesses or Individuals to pay for their sponsored ads to search engines to attract traffic to their website, these sponsored Ads are on the top than organic non-paid users that’s why search engines charges for it.Charges by search engines are made on the basis of the visitor to your site with each visitor a bidding amount by business or individual is being charged. There is also quality analysis done by Google, they charge less for happy customers based on sponsored ads more happier your customer will be by visiting lesser the amount will be charged by google so never ever attract traffic by false advertising.

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How it works?

People need traffic to their website that’s why they go for PAY PER CLICK for sponsoring their utmost reasons around it and search engines earn a lot from it but it’s very costly if the junk traffic is attracted towards the site For ex:- the product is costing around 10,000 and on the PPC bid you are been charged 100 per click then it will be completely useless as with each user the charge will increase and with 15 visitor the Google will charge 1500,so the profit is on stake while advertising on search engines is on stake, the reason behind it is junk traffic which can be caused by many reasons.

How to avoid junk traffic while advertising on Google?

First of all the search engines work mostly on the basis of keywords and quality of the website providing to visitors, if both of these things are in co-relation with each other than the search engine will charge less and the quality rank will also the increase the position of the sponsored advertisement an opposite situation to this is worse if junk traffic is attracted to sites by searching through keywords but not getting business they wanted than the situation will cause a huge loss to business or individual because at the end of the day they have to pay the price for each click and the junk traffic will do nothing they will end up with no help to the company, it’s a big game and everything is on stake at PAY PER CLICK. So if possible take the help of experts or partner with PPC companies who will help you to guide in a proper way to help you attract organic visitor to your website and earn a good amount by PPC campaigns. So for professional help or expert’s advice or for any queries you can contact us at Traj Infotech!

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