Friday, 10 November 2017

Manage Digital Marketing with the right Mobile App

Some of the applications that will keep your updated, both personally and professionally. 
Hootsuite – It is the best social media management application, Hootsuite helps you to monitor measure and post content on the different social media websites.

Mobile Application for Digital Marketing - Traj Infotech
Buffer - Through Buffer you can monitor and manage your social media accounts at least once. Set a schedule for updating each and every account. 

Nimble –Through Nimble the users can track and make relationships online with the help of contact details, online conversations and social media profiles.  

Feedly  - A website that gives you the right to use information from various websites and blogs. A custom made content is delivered to your mobile phone to read.

Facebook App – A social networking app that most people download. You can share videos or information and stay connected with people on your mobile phone.

Word Press - It is a very popular tool used for personal and professional blogging. You can post, update or edit the blog from your tablet or mobile phone.

Blogger – This tool is less in trend these days. This blogging tool is straightforward.

Linkedln – It is an effectual platform to maintain good professional relationship and also to grab the attention of people towards your brand or business. 

Mashable – Appropriate to deliver the latest news on apps, mobile, social networking, general news and technology.

TED – It shows talks from the world’s most famous people in fields like medical, education, tech, music, business and many more.

Quora – It is for marketing people who are searching for information from dependable sources.

Quick win Digital Marketing lite – It provides answers to many Digital Marketing questions. 

Dropbox – It is a place to store videos, documents and photos that can be accessed at anytime. You can also share the drop box files with your contacts or colleagues

Google Drive – Similar to drop box, you can sync it with your mobile phone and share files or documents.

Evernote - It can quickly capture notes and you can sync it, with your mobile phone. 

AnalyticsPro2 – It can access two and more Google accounts. Reports will be emailed to you, can convert data to a text file, and also identifies the latest trends.

There are many applications available in the market these days. These applications are good for marketing especially Digital Marketing. Like you have just seen that there is an enormous number of Mobile Applications, that are useful for all, especially for marketing people. You will not require all the applications, you need to understand, how each app works, then decide what will be more helpful and useful, in making your marketing efforts effective. Here Traj Infotech provide different kind of Digital Marketing Services.

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