Monday, 23 April 2018

Optimization of Blog post leads to Higher Ranking

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A lot of bloggers are not able to make use of the marketing potential that blogs have, companies do have blogs, but some of them do not update their blog frequently. It is vital to provide relevant and fresh blog posts, and should take advantage of the benefits of blogging.

Look into the some Search Engine Optimization tips to make sure your blog stands out.

You should do a research on the keywords needed, because keywords are required for page optimization. There are various tools and also techniques to find out the keywords that are relevant for the blog post. Semrush and Google Adwords keyword tool are great tools to find the right keywords, you can also check the phrases or words used in your competitors’ website, to target and drive web traffic to your website.

Use of keywords
You need to target some relevant and valuable keywords, it is crucial to place these keywords in the right place, so that it has an impact on the audience and on search engines. You can use these keywords in titles or headings, the introductory paragraph, conclusion and for meta descriptions. Do not fill your blog with keywords, use it more strategically.

If you plan to upload a photo or image, ensure, to include the keywords, also write a short description rich in keyword about the photo.

Whenever you plan to mention or write about another article or blogger, you should also take in the link with relevant information that you have been referring. Links with good quality is valuable for rankings on search engine.

Provide free subscription to your blog post through email marketing. Audience should be able to get instant notifications about the latest type of blog post or content.

Social media
Social media websites can create connections with all your customers, both current and potential. Facebook, Google and Twitter are Social Media Marketing websites, and the right platform to post your blog post or link.

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