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Social Proof has the power to facilitate Online Marketing Strategies

Social Proof has the power to facilitate Online Marketing Strategies

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It is time that one should think about, social proof for their Digital Marketing campaigns. There are different types of social proof that are useful for online marketing. Depending on the company’s product or service, social proof can be incorporated into the Digital Marketing Strategy.

Let’s look into the social proof

Celebrity social proof  

This is a great idea, to sell you product, the advantage of having a celebrity is that they can be identified easily. When a celebrity endorses a product or service, it makes a big difference. This is an awesome way to motivate potential customers. This is the reason celebrities are paid very well, to endorse various products, such as energy drinks or sports shoes, etc.

Use social proof 

This is very powerful, especially for online retail or retailers. The testimonials and reviews of many customers, act as a great motivation, and are very helpful in pushing the conversion rate and in driving sales. Today, most people look at reviews while shopping online.

Expert Social Proof 

Influencers play a very vital role in brand awareness. Getting either a testimonial or an endorsement, from a well reputed influencer, from the same industry, can add brand value. Customers intuitively expand the influencer’s reputation to the company and the product.

Wisdom of the audience social proof 

A lot of people have this fear, about missing out on something that is very crucial or thrilling.  When McDonald’s once had advertised that they served 30 billion, it was not to brag, but to tell potential customers that they are missing something terrific.

Wisdom of Friends Social Proof 

Research has shown that we always value views or opinion of people who share something common with us. It is friends, who share something common with us. When it comes to shares and likes on Social Media, whenever we see our friends share or like a particular product or service, we are eager to try the product or service. In short, friends do influence our decision making.

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