Thursday, 18 October 2018

Tips that can be implemented in your PPC campaign

All companies want to target in a big way. But small companies that have limited budget can focus on local markets, rather than national markets because a local market offers less competition because big companies do not focus there. Example, if you’re business is in Delhi, then why should you run a campaign in Mumbai. You should focus on Delhi, because you have direct buyers in Delhi. 

Tips that can be implemented in your PPC campaign

Let’s look into some tips for a successful PPC campaign.


When you have a limited budget, it is very important to make sure, your budget does not exceed the limit, to ensure, your PPC campaign is a success without spending much is not easy. You can think of hiring a Digital Marketing Company – Traj Infotech Pvt. Ltd, they will make sure, your budget is allocated properly or wisely and you’re able to reap the utmost productivity on your small investment. You will get the benefit of wise budget allocation and great results.

Google Search Console data

To enhance the PPC campaign, you require to identify keywords that are performing well from Google Search Console, compare these keywords with the keywords in your PPC campaign, to improve search engine positioning.

Focus on local market

The more you focus on local market, the better your chances in achieving good results. If you have a store in Delhi, allocate your limited budget on your local PPC campaign, to gain good results. Create a PPC campaign to target only Delhi for better output. The probability of finding your store in Delhi is high, because your company would have a better rankings locally, compare to national level. IT Services can help you with website ranking.

Company details

To boost the conversion rate, make good use of ad extensions. You can also move ahead by providing company phone number, and address.


It is vital to communicate with your potential customers in the local language; it helps in two ways, firstly, builds a good connection with the targeted audience and secondly, rules out all unnecessary clicks. Traj Infotech, Digital Marketing in Ahmedabad, can help you communicate with your customers well.

Zip code in ad copy and display URL

Any advertisement along with numbers is eye catchy; including the zip code will attract attention and also convince users that you are from the same place or locality.

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